1. A lot of ancient treasure of India has been lost due to repeated loot and plunders. Explain the need to bring back such lost artefacts and the challenges in getting them back.

Resource: Bringing back treasures: On stolen idols (TH)

  1. Highlight the socio-economic impact of shifting of rivers. Suggest measures to reduce the damage.

Resource: Patna’s severe air quality due to Ganga’s shifting course: Govt study (DTE)

  1. India’s decision to not join the RCEP has overwhelmed the members. Mention reasons and impacts of India’s decision.

Resource: Japan says it won’t sign RCEP if India doesn’t join the pact (Mint)

  1. Indian economy has been on a slow growth path. Highlight the issues that the economy is currently facing and suggest ways forward.

Resource: GDP growth plunges to 4.5%, lowest since 2012 (TH)

  1. India has a huge population but still many people lose their lives due to lack of availability of the organs. What are the reasons for the current state and what can be done to improve the situation?

Resource: Getting organ donation to tick again (TH)

  1. Women are generally the largest victims of any hazard. In the light of the statement, highlight the impact of climate change on women.

Resource: Explained: How climate change is reducing women’s agency in Asian, African settings (IE)