1. Describe the major objectives of the Steel Scrap Recycling Policy and also entails the key-benefit of the policy. 15 marks
  2. After RCEP opt out , India should look beyond ASEAN. Comment. (10 Marks)
  3. Considering the threats cyberspace poses for the country, India needs a “Digital Armed Force” to prevent crimes. Critically evaluate the National Cyber Security Policy, 2013 outlining the challenges perceived in its effective implementation. (10 Marks)
  4. China has intensified its presence in the himalayan nation.In the context of China-Nepal relation discuss china's changing outlook and its impact . 15 marks
  5. The level of cash with the public has grown faster than the GDP growth of the country’. Are demonetization targets achieved in the three years? Discuss. 10 marks
  6. What is online political advertising? Highlight its pros and cons and discuss the possible role that election commission should play to avoid its misuse. (15 marks)
  7. Major coastal cities of India are becoming more vulnerable to flood conditions. Discuss.