Context :

  • The Adhoc Committee set up Rajya Sabha has made 40 recommendations in total that will be crucial to prevent sexual abuse of children.

About House Committee Report

  • It calls for a multi-pronged strategy to be adopted.
    •  It charted out detailed measures to be implemented in technological, institutional, social and educational realm at both central and federal levels.
  • It has also suggested measures to curb access to and transmission of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)t on various social media platforms. 
  • Recommendations are related to adoption of a broader definition of child pornography, controlling access for children to such content,etc.


Legislative Measures


Proposed Amendments 


  • Advocating or counseling sexual activities with a person under the age of 18 years should be made an offence.
  • It has rooted for Cyber-grooming 
    • Cyber Grooming as defined by ILO is “the practice of establishing/building an emotional relationship with a child either in person or through the use of digital technology to sexually exploit them.
  • Code of Conduct for intermediaries (online platforms), Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
    • For maintaining child safety online
    • Ensuring age appropriate content and curbing use of children for pornographic purposes.
  • National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal shall be designated as the national portal under reporting requirements in case of electronic material.
  • School management should be responsible for the safety of children within schools.

IT Act

  • Punitive measures for those providing pornographic access to children 
    • Extending also for those who access, produce or transmit Child Sexual Abuse Material(CSAM).
  • Union Government shall be empowered through its designated authority to block and/or prohibit all websites/intermediaries that carry child sexual abuse material.
  • Making intermediaries (ISPs)  responsible for all measures
    •  To proactively identify and remove Child Sexual Abuse Material. 
    • To report it to Indian authorities in addition to the foreign authorities.

Technological  measures

  • Related to Apps, Social Media and Streaming Platforms
  • Mandatory pre installation of Apps that help in monitoring children's access, on all devices sold in India.
  • All social media platforms should be mandated with minimum essential technologies to detect Child Sexual Abuse Material.
  • On-streaming platforms like Netflix and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. should have separate adult sections where under- aged children could be disallowed.
  • Social media shall have mechanisms for age verification and restricting access to objectionable/obscene material.
  • Breaking Encryption and Tracing 
  • Empowering Law enforcement agencies to break end to end encryption to trace distributors of child pornography. 
  • Blockchain analysis companies should be coordinated with  to trace identities of users engaging in crypto currency transactions to purchase child pornography online.

Institutional measures

  • National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) should be upgraded and technologically empowered to be designated as the nodal agency to deal with the issue of child pornography.
  • The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) shall mandatorily record and report annually cases of child pornography of all kinds.

Social and Educational measures

  • Awareness campaigns by MoWCD (Women and Child Development) for greater awareness among parents to recognize early signs of child abuse, online risks and improving online safety for their child. 
  • Training programmes for parents at least twice a year, making them aware of hazards for children of free access to smartphones, internet at an early age. 

State level implementation

  • Empowered State Commission in each state and UT for the Protection for Child Rights like NCPCR. 
  • E-safety Commissioners are appointed at the state level to ensure implementation of social media and website guidelines .

Global Alliance

  • The Committee called for building up of  a global political alliance to combat child pornography on the lines of International Solar Alliance initiative.


All in all, the Parliamentary panel comes as a novel approach that may serve as a role model.

It should be followed on a regular basis to get members of Rajya Sabha to deliberate on pressing social issues.

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