Context: Punjab government has notified setting up of  the Civil Services Board.

More on News:

  • The move is in consonance with T.S.R. Subramanian and others vs Union of India judgment under which concluded that - 
    • fixed tenure of bureaucrats will promote professionalism, efficiency and good governance” and 
    • attributed “much of the deterioration in the functioning of bureaucracy to political interference.” Hence there should be a state civil services board.

About Civil Services Board:

  • It will decide on transfer and postings of bureaucrats.
  • It will ensure the state follows the Centre's Guideline on Fixed Tenor of at least two years for cadre officers.
    • Transferring before the fixed tenor can only be possible if the board gives a decision to similar effect. However the final authority would be CM.
  • Board will be headed by Chief Secretary ,others members being personnel secretary, Financial Commissioner (Revenue)/Home Secretary 


  • Fixed tenure will be able to provide better administration as officers will feel safe.
  • Moreover they will try to stick to the rules instead of pleasing political bosses
  • Politicians being devoid of Transfer powers would no longer be able to recruit their Favourite officers at the desired post and this would also reduce corruption. 

The notification is an applaudable step but its robust implementation in the coming future would be the litmus test of seriousness of Punjab Government.


Image Source: Indian Express