Chindu Yakshaganam is an age-old art in Telangana

The Chindu Yakshaganam is an age-old art form popular in Telangana. The art form dates back to the second century BC. It is similar to Yakshaganam, a traditional theatre form particular to Karnataka.

  • It is a theatre art form that combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up, and stage techniques with a unique style and form.
  • The word ‘Chindu’ in Telugu means ‘jump’. As their presentation is interspersed with leaps and jumps, it gained the name of Chindu Yakshaganam.
    • Chindu is also derived from the artistes’ caste Chindu Madiga, a sub-caste of Madiga among SCs.
  • The Chindu Yakshaganam is also called Chindu Bhagavatam as most of the stories narrated are from ‘Bhagavatam’.
  • Bhagavatam refers to the Bhagavata Purana which can be translated as 'the history of the devotees of Vishnu'.

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