Context: China will join a global pact to regulate arms sales that has been rejected by the United States, saying it is committed to efforts to "enhance peace and stability" in the world.

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  • The Communist Party leadership's top legislative body voted to adopt a decision on joining the UN Arms Trade Treaty that is designed to control the flow of weapons into conflict zones.
  • It comes after US President Donald Trump announced plans last year to pull the United States out of the agreement -- which entered into force in 2014.
  • It also stated that China only exports such products to sovereign countries and not to non-state actors.
  • A study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said China is now the second largest arms producer in the world, behind the US.

Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

  • The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is a multilateral treaty that regulates the international trade in conventional weapons.
  • The treaty requires member countries to keep records of international transfers of weapons and to prohibit cross-border shipments that could be used in human rights violations or attacks on civilians.
  • It entered into force on 4th December 2014.
  • The ATT is an attempt to regulate the international trade of conventional weapons for the purpose of contributing to international and regional peace; reducing human suffering; and promoting cooperation, transparency, and responsible action by and among states.
  • The treaty was negotiated in New York City at a global conference under the auspices of the United Nations (UN) in 2012.

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