Centre moves to sell data from Smart Cities project.

Centre moves to sell data from Smart Cities project.

Updated on 11 September, 2019

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  • Starting with an open data platform for the 100 cities that are a part of its Smart Cities Mission by 2020, the government is planning to make a wide range of data — from health, education, finances to social aspects — of all 4,041 urban local bodies public by 2024 and eventually monetize it.
  • Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) officials said that the open data platform for the 100 cities would be expanded to cover 500 cities by 2022 and all urban centers in the country by 2024.
  • The India Urban Data Exchange set up by the MoHUA for its Smart Cities would be expanded, eventually leading to a “marketplace”, Smart Cities Mission Director and Joint Secretary in MoHUA said.
  • For marketing: We will start to do pilots in the data marketplace. For instance, today we see anonymized data in bulk on mobility being used by advertisers to put up billboards in areas where people congregate at a particular time of the day.
  • These are opportunities in the future. Right now, we are making sure that cities are mature in dealing with data.
  • So far, the open data platform has 2,783 data catalogs from 99 Smart Cities, and by 2020, all data sets for the Smart Cities would be available.
  • This data would help cities plan their interventions better, they said. All cities would have data officers and data coordinators by 2024.
  • Whether we like it or not, datasets are getting used by companies already. The cities should use it for funding infrastructure projects.
  • Any future monetization would be under data privacy and other related laws.
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