Context: The government came under attack in Lok Sabha for seeking call data records(CDR) of all mobile subscribers across pockets of the country.

Background: The cellphone operators had red-flagged ‘surveillance’ after local units of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) sought call data records of all mobile subscribers across several pockets of the country for specific days over the past few months.

The Government’s stand:

According to the Ministry of Communications 

  • There is no infringement of privacy of any person. 
  • No personal details are collected. 
  • There is no tracking of any phone number. 

Then why CDR

The Ministry said data of calls had been sought to address numerous complaints regarding  quality of service of Telecommunications Network especially on issues of RoW (Right of Way), call drops, echo, cross connections, incomplete or poor caller experience.


  • An absolute transgression of the Right to Privacy guaranteed by the Supreme Court in a 9-0 judgment.
  • An assault on the fundamental freedoms which have been provided in the Constitution and have been interpreted by the Supreme Court of India. 
  • An ‘Orwellian state’ is sought to be created which is destructive for an open and free society.