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Preparation Strategy

How to prepare GS- 4 (Paper-V -Ethics Aptitude and Integrity)

🕔11:04, 14.Oct 2019

Question paper will be based on theory and case studies. Ethics and Human Interface Read Wilson Jose’s ‘An Introduction to Ethics’ Essence, determinants and consequences of Ethics in human actions Refer to Dimensions of ethics Refer to

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How to prepare for UPSC 2020

🕔10:25, 11.Oct 2019

How to prepare for UPSC 2020 Success in UPSC Civil Services Examination = 50% Knowledge + 50% Strategy. So both knowledge and strategy are important to clear this exam. Know your enemy: The UPSC Civil Services Examination is a 3

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Strategy for General Studies-3 Syllabus

🕔18:20, 9.Oct 2019

Strategy for General Studies-3 Syllabus GS- 3 covers Economic Development, Agriculture & Technology Missions Environment & Biodiversity, Science and Technology Security & Disaster management The first step: Learn all the topics and subtopics by heart. You can write them again

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Strategy for GS2

🕔16:07, 5.Oct 2019

GS 2 Syllabus Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations NCERTs to be read: NCERT Class XI – India Constitution at Work NCERT Class XII – Political Science II NCERT Class X – Democratic Politics Indian Constitution – historical

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Strategy for General Studies UPSC Mains Questions

🕔15:51, 28.Sep 2019

Strategy for General Studies-1 There are four General Studies Papers + Essay paper + Optional paper in UPSC mains Examinations. The UPSC provides a basic instruction on which you should focus: “The questions are likely to test the candidate’s basic

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General Studies builds the foundation of UPSC Civil Services Mains exams.

🕔15:15, 27.Sep 2019

General Studies builds the foundation of UPSC Civil Services Mains exams. The marks scored in GS papers can be the difference between success and failure. Each General Studies paper carries 250 marks. When Combined they carry 1000 marks out of

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How to write an essay in UPSC Exam

🕔12:43, 25.Sep 2019

Students mostly ignore the ‘Essay portion’ in civil services preparation. They focus mainly on GS-1, 2, 3, 4 but hardly have they devised any dedicated strategy for preparation of essay. But it is a very important portion which cannot be

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General Studies, Mains Paper 3– Subject wise Breakup

🕔18:08, 24.Sep 2019

Trend Analysis of GS Paper III

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UPSC CSE Mains Examination, 2019 GS Paper IV

🕔11:38, 24.Sep 2019

The UPSC conducted the GS Paper- IV on Sunday i.e., September 22, 2019, in the evening shift (2-5 pm) and covered Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. The paper was of 250 marks and the time duration of the exam was 3

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UPSC mains examination, 2019 – GS Paper 3

🕔15:33, 23.Sep 2019

Hello Aspirants!!! As you all know that UPSC Mains Examination for 2019 is ongoing and yesterday UPSC has conducted GS paper Mains 3. The Union Public Service Commission conducted the GS (General Studies) Paper III on September 22, 2019 in

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