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How to Prepare for UPSC Prelims 2020

🕔14:52, 27.Jun 2019

How to Prepare for UPSC Prelims-2020 Civil Services Examination is conducted by the UPSC every year to recruit officers for various reputed government posts. It is one of the toughest examinations in the country. There are three stages of this

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First National School Board for Vedic Education : BHARATIYA SHIKSHA BOARD

🕔11:59, 14.May 2019

Ministry Human Resource Development has given its approval for the setting up of country’s first national school board for Vedic Education– Bhartiya Shiksha Board (BSB). About Its objective is to standardize Vedic Education through drafting syllabus, conducting examinations and issuing

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🕔02:59, 14.May 2019

In News Recently, Minister of Commerce and Industry launched ‘SWAYATT’ initiative and GeM Start-up Runway initiative.   About SWAYATT is an initiative to promote Start-ups, Women and Youth Advantage Through eTransactions on Government e Marketplace (GeM). In fact, it will

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Chaibagaan Time and the Indian Standard Time

🕔18:00, 12.May 2019

Why in news? Well, the state of Assam has decided to follow the ‘chaibagaan’ time instead of an Indian Standard Time, according to the reports. What is it? Well, the chaibagaan time or the bagaan time refers to the daylight

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Indian Missiles – Agni 5 , Astra & Akash

🕔16:10, 12.May 2019

AGNI-V 3 stage solid propellant Ballistic Missile [some news claim Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) status but for ICBM generally ranges of 5500 km is needed]. Range: 5000 km-longest range missile in India’s arsenal. Capable of reaching deep into both China

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Article 30 -The Constitution Of India-Right to Minorities

🕔14:45, 12.May 2019

Well, the right of the minorities to establish and to administer educational institutions: (1)Well, all the minorities, whether it is based on the religion or the language, shall have the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.

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RBI’s Circular on Resolution of Stressed Assets

🕔12:40, 12.May 2019

On April 2, the Supreme Court passed a judgment that declared a RBI circular void and ineffective as it was exceeding the RBI’s authority. What did the February 12th, 2018 circular from RBI say? The circular introduced a new one-day

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No Stay on Electoral Bonds, Supreme Court Seeks Donor Details From Parties

🕔11:20, 12.May 2019

News In Electoral bond case, the Supreme Court asked all political parties to submit details of funds received through electoral bonds to the Election Commission in a sealed cover by May 30. What is electoral bond ·         The Finance Bill,

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Article 29 – In the Constitution Of India & the Jallikattu Row

🕔18:30, 11.May 2019

Protection of interests of minorities (1) Well, any section of the citizens residing in the territory of India or any part thereof having a distinct language, script or the culture of its own shall have the right to conserve the same.

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Article 24 of Indian Constitution – Prohibition of Child Labour

🕔17:05, 11.May 2019

Well, “There is no child below the age of the 14 years will be employed to work in any factory or mine or employed in any hazardous employment.” In 1986, the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act was enacted to

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