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Science And Technology

CSIR Unveils First Indigenous Fuel Cell System

🕔18:07, 27.Sep 2019

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, unveiled the first Indigenous High-Temperature Fuel Cell System on the occasion of CSIR Foundation Day. This indigenous Fuel Cell System is developed by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in partnership

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Biotechnology And IT Sector: Story of Two Different Sector of Economy

🕔19:05, 26.Sep 2019

Biotechnology and IT sector are two different sector of the economy The Biotechnology sector in India despite having a specialized agency for the development of research and Human resources is not able to compete with the IT sector at various

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Heartburn Drug Ranitidine

🕔18:14, 25.Sep 2019

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSO) has ordered an investigation into the heartburn drug Ranitidine for the possible presence of an impurity, which may cause cancer. This decision came in the backdrop of US Food and Drug Regulation (USFDA)

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Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)

🕔18:33, 23.Sep 2019

Central Equipment Identity Register The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) under Ministry Of  Communications has ruled out an order to handset makers who are manufacturing in India to provide the unique identification numbers of their devices to the government for security

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Sagittarius A* I What is Sagittarius A*?

🕔18:03, 23.Sep 2019

What is Sagittarius A*? At the very heart of the Milky Way is a region known to be the home of a supermassive black hole which is millions of times the mass of our own Sun. This region is known

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Cabinet Approves Ban on E-Cigarettes

🕔18:20, 20.Sep 2019

The Union Cabinet has approved a ban on e-cigarettes, citing the need to take early action to protect public health. The government will immediately pass an ordinance, subject to the approval of the President, and the matter will be taken

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Google To Set Up AI Research Lab In Bengaluru

🕔18:11, 20.Sep 2019

U.S.-headquartered Google has announced the setting up of an AI research lab in Bengaluru that will work on advancing artificial intelligence-related research with an aim to solve problems in sectors such as healthcare, agriculture and education. Details India is one

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Herpes Virus Claims Another Elephant Life At Odisha’s Zoo

🕔18:11, 20.Sep 2019

Another elephant died of suspected Herpes virus infection in Odisha’s Nandankanan Zoological Park (NZP), a leading zoo of the country on September 19, taking the elephant death toll in the zoo to three in less than a month. Details The

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Scientists Create Skull Of Neanderthal Cousin, Denisovans From DNA

🕔18:10, 20.Sep 2019

Denisovans and Neandertals – Scientists have deciphered features of the skull and some other details of mysterious Denisovans, extinct cousin of Neanderthals by analyzing its DNA. The genetic material came from the finger bone of a female member of the

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Scorpene-Class Submarines – Indian Navy

🕔18:03, 20.Sep 2019

State-owned Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd, India’s biggest warship builder delivered INS Khanderi, the second of the six Scorpene-Class submarines to the Indian Navy, at an event held in Mumbai. The fully-automated submarine will be commissioned into the Indian Navy on

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