Delhi University Scientist Discover A New Species Of Paddy Frog In Asam

🕔12:18, 12.Jun 2019

Download PDF A team of scientists from Delhi University and the Wildlife Institute of India, in collaboration with researchers from Indonesia and the US, have discovered a new species of ‘paddy frog’ from Northeast India, primarily Assam. More in News

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How will a 5G network power the future?

🕔08:32, 11.Jun 2019

Download PDF News On Monday, June 3, Union Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad announced that the government will be holding auction for spectrum, which includes airwaves that will be used to offer 5G or fifth-generation services, in the current calendar

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From Plate to Plough: The farm-factory connect

🕔08:30, 11.Jun 2019

Download PDF Article Ashok Gulati, chair professor for agriculture at ICRIER, talked about importance of farm-factory connect Important Analysis As per the last report of National Statistical Office (NSO) released on May 31, the Gross Value Added (GVA) at basic

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ISRO Gears Up For Chandrayaan-2 Mission

🕔14:00, 10.Jun 2019

Download PDF The Indian Space Research Organisation has marked mid-July for the take-off and kept the launch window open from July 9 to 16. Read this article to know more about chandrayaan-2. More in News ISRO has set September 6

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Sportswear Giant Tap Indian Firm’s PET Project To Cut Virgin Plastic Use

🕔13:53, 10.Jun 2019

Download PDF Global sportswear giant Adidas aims at eliminating the use of virgin plastics in its products by 2024 More in News Adidas will produce yarn out of discarded PET bottles Polygenta Technology Limited, a Maharashtra-based firm, deploys a unique

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Space Station Will Be Open To Tourists From Next Year

🕔15:46, 8.Jun 2019

Download PDF NASA will open up the International Space Station for tourism and other business ventures as of next year, as it seeks to financially disengage from the orbiting research lab. More in News NASA will allow private citizens to

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SEBI, MCA Sign Pact For More Data Scrutiny

🕔13:41, 8.Jun 2019

Download PDF The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to facilitate seamless sharing of data and information More in News The MoU comes in the wake

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RBI Revises Stressed Asset Resolution Norms

🕔12:59, 8.Jun 2019

Download PDF After the Supreme Court struck down the controversial February 12, 2018 circular of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on stressed asset resolution, RBI released a revised set of norms which are substantially less stringent from the previous one.

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RBI Cuts Interest Rate By 25 bps

🕔13:38, 7.Jun 2019

Download PDF Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced another repo rate cut by 25 basis points (bps). This is the third time in a row that the central bank has cut key rates this calendar year. More in News

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Cabinet Committees

🕔11:23, 7.Jun 2019

Download PDF To address the twin problems of sluggish economic growth and rising unemployment, the government has constituted two Cabinet committees to be chaired by Prime Minister. Transaction of Business The executive works under the Government of India Transaction of

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