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Arctic mission to ‘trap’ researchers in ice to study climate

🕔13:31, 5.Jul 2019

News German icebreaker RV Polarstern, a hulking ship will set out for the Arctic packed with supplies and scientific equipment for a year-long mission to explore the planet’s frigid far north. The icebreaker will be the base for scientists from

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India Facing Sea Level Rise Amid Severe Heat: Centre

🕔12:30, 29.Jun 2019

The annual rate of sea level rise at some locations, according to studies available with the ministry More in News India is confronting a range of climate change-influenced effects, ranging from severe heat waves to an increase in the frequency

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By spending just 3% more on infra, developing nations can save $4.2 trillion: World Bank

🕔12:12, 29.Jun 2019

Just 3 percent more investment in infrastructure assets can save developing countries $4.2 trillion, according to a report jointly published by the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery. More in News These low- and middle-income

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Engage local communities to protect marine life: Study

🕔15:31, 26.Jun 2019

A new study by Wildlife Conservation Society-India has emphasised the need for awareness campaigns, the involvement of local stakeholders in decision-making and empowerment of authorities to help to protect marine life. More in News The study, based on a survey

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Impressive tortoise discovered in Arunachal Pradesh

🕔14:39, 26.Jun 2019

Wildlife experts have discovered the Impressive Tortoise also known as the Manouria impress – a new species of tortoise that are elusive and have never been previously sighted in India – near Yazali of Lower Subansari district in Arunachal Pradesh

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🕔15:05, 25.Jun 2019

The idea of population health or public health is said to have born in Rome with the development of bath (for hygiene), sewers (drainage), and aqueducts (to supply safe water to cities). Romans brought pure water to all their cities

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Scientists decode genome of ‘miracle plant’

🕔15:03, 24.Jun 2019

Download PDF News Scientists from the University of Kerala have decoded the genetic make-up of Arogyapacha (Trichopus zeylanicus), a highly potent medicinal plant endemic to the Agasthya hills. More in News The project was undertaken in the State Inter-University Centre

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Southwest monsoon’s current rainfall deficit is 38%, says IMD

🕔14:43, 24.Jun 2019

Download PDF News With the southwest monsoon running late, the country faces a 38% current rainfall deficit, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD). More in News The IMD said the country, as a whole, received 70.9 mm rainfall so

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Himalayan glaciers are melting twice as fast since 2000: study

🕔13:21, 21.Jun 2019

Download PDF News Himalayan glaciers are melting twice as fast now as they were at the start of the 21st century More in News Researchers from Columbia University claimed that the glaciers have lost more than a quarter of their

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Climate change can trip small island states enroute SDGs: UN

🕔18:10, 20.Jun 2019

News Many small islands developing states (SIDS) may fail to achieve several Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 because of increasing population and climate change risks, according to the United Nation’s report on World Population Prospects 2019. More in News SIDS

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