Environmental Clearances in India

🕔17:51, 20.Aug 2019

Environmental Clearance is mainly conducted for the assessment of the impacts of a project on the environment and people and also try to reduce the impact of the project. In India, there are 39 categories for which the environment clearance

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Plastic Pollution: Can We Free India From Single Use Plastic?

🕔16:58, 19.Aug 2019

On 73rd Independence Speech, PM Modi pitched to free India from Single-use plastic. A massive public campaign like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan will be launched mobilizing all stakeholders. This is another strong decision by the government against single-use plastic after when

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Unclear doctrine: On ‘No First Use’ nuclear policy

🕔14:09, 19.Aug 2019

The long term used ‘No First Use’ policy by India, which has been a cornerstone for its nuclear weapons policy, came in the news with the Defence Minister’s comment that it will be open for change in future.  What is

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The complexities of Naga identity

🕔13:34, 19.Aug 2019

Sushanta Talukdar, an Editor at nezine.com, has detailed the article with Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN), for enlisting the original inhabitants of Nagaland and many hurdles in its quest to be faced by the Nagaland Government. What is

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India’s nuclear doctrine

🕔16:53, 17.Aug 2019

In news: Defence minister Rajnath Singh during a visit to the Pokharan ranges has indicated that India’s ‘no first use’ doctrine on the use of nuclear weapons is open for change in the future, indicating a thinking that any policy

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Chemical Industries – Plastic Industries In India

🕔16:20, 16.Aug 2019

Plastic industries are the part of chemical industries which mainly manufactures polymer materials. The mineral oil is the main constituent of the plastics so it is also categorized in PetroChemical Industries. It offers services in plastics which are very important

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Understanding Post Of Chief Of Defence Staff (CDS)

🕔12:40, 16.Aug 2019

Prime Minister of India, in his Independence Day speech, announced for the creation of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), as a higher-level military reform while integrating tri-services. The post of CDS will help in integrating the efforts, training, operations and

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E-Technology in The Aid of Farmers

🕔11:31, 14.Aug 2019

Agriculture has come a long way since the first farm of Mesopotamia, created centuries ago. In recent years, technology in agriculture has rapidly changed the industry and by using innovative technology as a scalable and sustainable resource, farmers are now

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🕔11:19, 14.Aug 2019

Different Types of Irrigation & Irrigation Systems Storage For every country in the world and especially India, agriculture is vital for survival. The practice includes growing up of crops and for this, there is always a need for abundant water

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Rooting AI in ethics

🕔18:21, 13.Aug 2019

Dayasindhu, co-founder and CEO of Itihaasa Research and Digital, represent various ethical perspectives while using technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI). He opined that such a technology is to be evaluated on two prior bases, the utility of the technology and

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