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Social Issues

Skill India Programme Alone Won’t Be Sufficient

🕔18:04, 7.Sep 2019

Skill India Programme – Our India’s Population can be seen as an asset only when the youth are trained properly. Without proper training the country will witness massive joblessness rather than reaping the benefits of Demographic dividend. Current Status of

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Mainstreaming Primary Health  Centres

🕔14:53, 7.Sep 2019

What went wrong with India?                                                                       

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Hepatitis B: About and concerns

🕔18:18, 6.Sep 2019

On September 3, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Thailand became the first four countries in the World Health Organization’s Southeast Asia region to have successfully controlled hepatitis B. The virus is said to be controlled when the disease prevalence is reduced

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Eat Right India movement

🕔17:27, 6.Sep 2019

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Thursday, kick-started POSHAN Maah 2019 with a year-long social and mass media campaign on the Eat Right India movement. He also launched the new Eat Right India logo that represents a healthy plate, an online

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How are LGBTs faring today, since Section 377 was struck down by the Supreme Court?

🕔14:41, 6.Sep 2019

Introduction 1 year back Supreme Court in its judgment in Navtej Singh Johar Union of India, struck down India’s colonial law, Section 377 that denied the rights of LGBT community. Section 377, was against the values of equality, dignity and

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Measures to tackle Malnutrition in India

🕔17:09, 4.Sep 2019

Sumantra Ray, founding chair and executive director of the NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health, Cambridge (UK), speaks to Sanjeev Verma about the way forward to effectively reduce Malnutrition that continues to stunt the potential of millions of children in India

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Substandard teacher training colleges to be shut down

🕔16:53, 3.Sep 2019

“The Guru must teach me and lead me into the light, make me a link in that chain of which he himself is a link. The man in the street cannot claim to be a Guru. The Guru must be

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Foreigners visiting India can get treatment for pre-existing diseases without medical visa

🕔17:26, 31.Aug 2019

Context: The government has liberalised its visa regime to allow foreigners to avail of medical treatment in India. Rules Previously, anyone seeking medical treatment in India after arrival on a primary visa would have to get their visa converted to

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West Bengal passes Bill against lynching

🕔14:42, 31.Aug 2019

Context: West Bengal Assembly has passed West Bengal (Prevention of Lynching) Bill, 2019, to prevent and punish mob assaults and lynching. West Bengal CM while favoring the bill stated “Lynching is a social evil and all of us have to

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Understanding post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS)

🕔16:08, 22.Aug 2019

Prime Minister of India, in his Independence Day speech, announced for creation of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), as a higher level military reform while integrating tri-services. The post of CDS will help in integrating the efforts, training, operations and

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