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Social Issues

State Government’s Reinforcing The Sons Of The Soil Demand

🕔09:39, 14.Sep 2019

The author surfaces various policy actions taken by state governments and how these policies are reinforcing Sons of the soil demand. He also opines why pluralism needs to be celebrated in India. Present Scenario For decades, Sons of the soil

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Fat Tax 

🕔17:40, 13.Sep 2019

Introduction: Fat Tax A fat tax is a tax or surcharge that is placed upon fattening food, beverages or on overweight individuals. It is considered an example of Pigovian taxation. A fat tax aims to decrease the consumption of foods

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Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020

🕔17:44, 12.Sep 2019

In News  Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020 released. Highlights For the first time, since 2012, no Indian university featured in the top 300 though the total number of entries from the country increased from 49 in 2018

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Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS) campaign

🕔17:41, 12.Sep 2019

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi launched Swachhata Hi Seva (SHS) campaign 2019 at Mathura today. Background India has committed itself to dedicate an Open defecation free (ODF) India to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. About Swachhata Hi

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Behavioural Studies/ Nudge Effect

🕔17:35, 12.Sep 2019

In 2017, Richard Thaler, an economist, won the Nobel Prize for his work on something incredibly complex and yet highly intuitive – the idea that human beings do not always behave rationally.  He theorized that individuals are instead subject to

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US state passed a law on Gig Economy

🕔17:27, 12.Sep 2019

In a major legislative development that could have a profound impact on the gig economy, California’s State Senate passed a bill requiring ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft to treat their contract workers as employees. The Bill will enhance workers’

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Awaiting for a robust safety law for workers

🕔16:03, 11.Sep 2019

With increasing fatalities and injuries the author demand for robust safety laws by pointing out to the deficiencies present in the existing system. Neglect of Safe Work Environment Even with years of robust economic growth, India’s story in promoting occupational

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LGBTQ and Article 377

🕔18:15, 10.Sep 2019

In News A toll-free helpline created by NGO SPACE for suicide prevention counselling, aimed particularly at the LGBT community, has been launched in New Delhi. Research has found that attempted suicide rates and suicidal ideation among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender,

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🕔15:50, 10.Sep 2019

Why in News? A first-of-its-kind national survey to measure the coverage of iodised salt has found that Tamil Nadu has the lowest consumption of iodised salt despite being the third biggest producer of salt in the country. The study shows

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🕔18:23, 9.Sep 2019

Time Banking: Madhya Pradesh’s Happiness Dept. to open Time Bank Background The idea was conceived at the Cincinnati Time Store in 1827, the concept gained currency with the setting up of the first Time Bank in Japan in 1973. Later

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