EC’s Order On Sikkim CM Disqualification

🕔19:10, 1.Oct 2019

Sikkim CM Prem Singh Tamang’s disqualification was sharply reduced to just a year and a month by the Election Commission of India (ECI). In their order, ECI reduced Mr. Tamang’s period of disqualification citing Section 11 of the Representation of

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Political Interference In To The Strategic Institutions

🕔18:29, 28.Sep 2019

Political Interference In To The Strategic Institutions The slowdown in GDP growth rate has been dissected, digressed and disowned by analysts, commentators, and policymakers. However, the diagnosis is far from complete and the growth engine is running out of fuel. 

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Religious Rights Does Not Permit The Right To Block Road Under Article 25

🕔14:44, 28.Sep 2019

Religious Rights does not Permit the Right to Block Road Under Article 25 Religious Rights: A Division Bench of Karnataka High Court denied permission for erecting temporary structures on roads and footpaths for religious festivals or functions. The denial says

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EC to Hold Karnataka Assembly By-Elections

🕔18:01, 27.Sep 2019

The Election Commission of India (ECI) said in the Supreme Court that it would defer by-elections to 15 Karnataka Assembly constituencies. The poll conducting body could defer the bypolls until the Supreme Court finally decides the petitions of the MLAs

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Collegium’s Recommendation On Justice Kureshi

🕔17:50, 24.Sep 2019

Collegium’s recommendation The Supreme Court has modified its Collegium’s recommendation of May 10 that Justice A.A.Kureshi be appointed Chief Justice of the Madhya Pradesh High Court. Under Union government’s pressure, the Collegium has now decided to send him to the

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Digital Inequality and Digital Literacy

🕔17:43, 24.Sep 2019

Digital Inequality In a landmark judgment in Faheema Shirin v. the State of Kerala, the Kerala High Court declared the right to Internet access as a fundamental right forming a part of the right to privacy and the right to

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Decision to Link Aadhaar With GST Registration

🕔18:29, 23.Sep 2019

Link Aadhaar With GST Registration Recently to check malpractices Goods and Service Tax (GST) decided to make Aadhaar authentication or physical verification mandatory for new dealers from January 2020. The use of Aadhaar Card with GST registration will help a

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SC to have single judge benches for bail pleas, transfer petitions

🕔16:27, 21.Sep 2019

In News The Supreme Court has notified the Supreme Court (Amendment) Rules, 2019, which empowers the Chief justice of India to appoint single-judge benches to hear pleas for bail and transfer of cases. The amended Rules also give the CJI

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Access to internet fundamental right: Kerala High Court

🕔18:06, 20.Sep 2019

In a landmark judgment, the High Court of Kerala has declared that the right to access the internet is a fundamental right forming part of the right to privacy under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. The declaration was

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One Nation, One Language

🕔12:20, 19.Sep 2019

One nation, one language: In an occasion of ‘Hindi Diwas’, Union Home Minister had proposed to promote Hindi as the country’s common language, which led to several protests in Non-Hindi speaking states. Background Constitution on the Hindi Language: Part XVII

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