Everything You Need to Know About Censor Board

🕔16:21, 30.Apr 2019

Well, the censor Board assigns the certifications to films, television shows, television ads, and also the publications for the exhibition, sale or hire in our India However, the Board consist of non-official members and also a Chairperson (all of whom

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Municipal Bonds-What is a Municipal Bond?

🕔16:18, 30.Apr 2019

Why in news? SEBI governor has asked the Municipal bodies to move to a standard accounting practice. Pune has raised Rs 200 crore through Municipal bonds after a gap of 14 years What is a Municipal Bond Municipal bonds refer

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Direct Election for Mayors

🕔19:55, 29.Apr 2019

Why in news? Well, the private member’s bill was introduced in the parliament to provide for the direct election, and also the empowerment of the office, of mayors in large Indian cities. Arguments for Multiple civic agencies operate in cities

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Role of Women in Panchayati Raj Institutions

🕔19:30, 29.Apr 2019

Panchayati Raj institutions are a watershed in India’s democratic history as they not only percolated democratic decentralization to the grassroots level but also made a giant leap in women empowerment by granting them 33% reservation. This decentralization model has its

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Arunachal Pradesh Assembly passed a bill to have two-tier Panchayati Raj System

🕔15:16, 29.Apr 2019

Context: • Well, the Arunachal Pradesh Assembly passed the Panchayati Raj (Amendment), Bill in the year of 2018 to do away with the Anchal Samiti, the intermediate level of the three-tier Panchayati Raj system and also set up a two-tier

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25 Years of panchayati raj

🕔15:15, 29.Apr 2019

The Panchayati Raj institutions (PRI’s) in its present form and also the structure have now completed 25 years of existence (73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992). But a lot remains to be done in order to further decentralization and strengthen democracy at

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Election Commission of India (ECI)

🕔15:14, 29.Apr 2019

Democracy is a basic feature of our constitution, to uphold this value-free and fair elections needed. This is possible only with an able and efficient body which acts with transparency, integrity, and accountability. Article 324 of the constitution says the

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Weak Urban Governance

🕔11:27, 29.Apr 2019

Weak urban governance is the absence of time-bound, citizen-centric quality service delivery without adequate monitoring, feedback and performance appraisal.  Reasons: Absence of incentives, encouragement and promotions on the basis of efficiency. Rampant corruption at multiple levels, nepotism, vested interests, undue

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Fifteenth Finance Commission of India (15th FCI)

🕔19:40, 27.Apr 2019

Context: Fifteenth Finance Commission constituted under the chairmanship of N.K.Singh. Basic: Constitutional provisions: Article 280 of the Constitution requires that a Finance Commission be constituted to recommend the distribution of the net proceeds of taxes between the Centre and also

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Centre decides to fund ‘cell based meat’ research

🕔16:52, 27.Apr 2019

 Context The Department of Biotechnology (under Ministry of S&T) has decided to fund the Hyderabad-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) and National Research Centre on Meat (NRCM) for research on cell-based meat, also known as ‘clean meat’. Background

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