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Illegal photocopying of documents is theft: Supreme Court

🕔08:33, 16.May 2019

News Supreme Court in Birla Corporation Limited Vs. Adventz Investments And Holdings Limited case held that dishonest and temporary “removal” of original documents to take photocopies and to further use information amounts to theft More in News Birla Corporation alleges

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How Representative are our Representatives?

🕔12:37, 15.May 2019

Election watchdog release a report which is based on the analysis of affidavits filed by the candidates with the Election Commission of India. Findings of report    Candidates with criminal cases increased: The share of candidates with criminal cases increased

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Redactive Pricing Audit and the CAG’s Duties

🕔12:05, 14.May 2019

Article K.P.Shashidharan, former DG, CAG office highlighted the importance of the Supreme Audit Institution. Important Analysis Shashidharan says that the role of CAG report on redacted pricing in Rafael deal case was dubious and this enhances the requirement of supreme

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Experts ask NIN to Withdraw Report Favouring Akshaya Patra

🕔10:10, 14.May 2019

News Doctors, researchers and activists urged scientists at the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN to withdraw a report that declared mid-day meals provided without onion and garlic by the Akshaya Patra Foundation (APF) as compliant with the government’s nutritional norms

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SC to Hear Plea on Cadre Allocation

🕔09:35, 14.May 2019

News The Supreme Court decided to examine on May 17 a government appeal against the Delhi High Court’s decision to quash the cadre allocation of IAS and IPS officers of the 2018 batch. The matter was listed for urgent hearing

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Vacation Bench

🕔13:19, 13.May 2019

News On May 9, the Supreme Court notified its annual summer holiday from May 13, and listed the judges who will occupy the Vacation Benches for hearing urgent matters during this period. Important Facts The court takes two long vacations

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Supreme Court allows live streaming of court proceedings

🕔14:18, 3.May 2019

Context: Well, the Supreme Court pushed for the greater transparency in the judicial system by the setting the stage for live-streaming of court proceedings of cases of constitutional importance. The court directed the center to frame rules for it. Need:

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The Whistle Blower Bill, 2015

🕔14:17, 3.May 2019

Context While the Whistle Blowers Protection Act 2014 (WBP Act), passed to protect the whistle-blowers, has not yet been notified, an amendment Bill has been introduced. Who is a Whistle-blower? A Whistle-blower (whistle-blower or whistle blower) is a person who exposes any kind of

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Lateral Entry Into IAS – Pros And Cons

🕔18:17, 2.May 2019

Context: Recently, UPSC has invited fresh applications for lateral entry into IAS for selecting private individuals for appointment in the ranks of deputy secretary, director and also joint secretary. What is lateral entry? Well, it refers to the move by

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Amendments to Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988

🕔18:16, 2.May 2019

Parliament has passed Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2013 to amend various provisions of Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA), 1988. However, the amendment to PCA (Prevention of Corruption Act), 1988 was necessitated to the review the existing provisions to bring

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