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Parliamentary Budget Office in India

🕔16:26, 21.Sep 2019

Parliamentary Budget Office in India When most people vote for their representatives their votes are influenced by months and years of conversations, long-held opinions and ideally, hard facts and evidence provided by different sources (Such as media). This tells us

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Stalled Police Reforms In India

🕔17:41, 19.Sep 2019

Police Reforms In India Home minister Amit Shah, at a function organized by the Policy Research and Development Bureau, said that in British era the police was raised to protect their interests, but now the duty of the police was

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🕔18:08, 18.Sep 2019

In News In an important judgment delivered today, the Supreme Court has held that non-governmental organizations [NGO] substantially financed, whether directly or indirectly, by the appropriate government fall within the ambit of ‘public authority’ under Section 2(h) of the Right

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 Jan Soochna Portal (JSP)

🕔18:03, 16.Sep 2019

Rajasthan has launched the first-ever Jan soochna portal on 13 September, 14 years after the implementation of RTI Act, to provide information about government authorities and departments suo motu to the public in the true spirit of the RTI Act,

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Improvement in the Foundational education system is crucial for India to cement its position as a global leader

🕔18:16, 13.Sep 2019

The author who is a founder-chairman of Central Square Foundation, a founding member of Ashoka University through this article pinpoints the present lacunae in our primary education system and highlights the need for strong foundational skills The job half done

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The absentee constitutional court

🕔10:25, 13.Sep 2019

Unlike in 1976, the judiciary has not upheld the suspension of civil rights — instead, it has ducked, evaded and adjourned “Ultimately, the object of depriving a few of their liberty for a temporary period has to be to give

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One Nation One Ration Card system

🕔12:43, 5.Sep 2019

One Ration Card system The Ration card holders in Kerala and Karnataka, as well as in Rajasthan and Haryana, will be able to buy subsidized food from ration shops in the neighboring State from next month, Food Minister Ram Vilas

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Changes In RTI Act

🕔16:47, 2.Sep 2019

What is RTI Act? By replacing Freedom of information Act, 2002, Right to Information (RTI) was enacted on 5-June-2005 by Parliament of India and came fully into force on 12 October 2005.RTI allows any citizen of India to access information

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Writing out a Clean Bill on Health

🕔15:57, 22.Aug 2019

Sumant Narain, a civil servant and ex-director in Health in NITI Aayog, stands for the enacted National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2019. He elucidates how enacted NMC Bill will be a step towards the reformed Medical education which is a

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Ward And Village Volunteer System

🕔14:31, 21.Aug 2019

The system of appointing grama (village) volunteers to ensure better delivery of various benefits to the public under welfare schemes was launched in Andhra Pradesh. This scheme involves the provision of one volunteer to cover 50 families in each village.

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