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Public Private Partnership

🕔17:46, 16.Aug 2019

Public-Private Partnership: An increasing number of governments are turning to the private sector to provide services hitherto delivered by the public sector. The motives for pursuing public-private partnerships vary from fiscal opportunism, simply seeking to replace public finance with private

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Economic Reforms: Liberalization, Globalization And Privatization

🕔17:13, 16.Aug 2019

Economic Reforms in India commenced during the year 1985 after Rajiv Gandhi took over as Prime Minister. The Prime Minister in his first national broadcast said: The public sector has entered into too many areas where it should not be.

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Employment and Labour Reform

🕔16:55, 16.Aug 2019

Latest Current Affairs in August 2019 about Employment and Labour Reforms. To capitalize on its demographic dividend, India must create well-paying, high productivity jobs. Comprehensive modernization of agriculture and allied sectors are needed urgently Share of India’s total workforce This

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Government Budgeting: Principles And Functions

🕔16:48, 16.Aug 2019

Functions and Principles – The basic characteristics of government budgeting are as follows: A budget is a financial plan for rationing scarce resources amongst various demands for expenditure. It is a comprehensive plan of action designed to achieve the policy

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Food Processing Industries

🕔16:29, 16.Aug 2019

Food processing industries are major industries in developed countries. In developing countries, it is in the growing stage. The food processing industries include cereals, pulses, oilseeds, bakery, horticultural crops, livestock, and aquacultural produce, etc. Now food is a global commodity

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Economics of Animal Rearing

🕔12:50, 14.Aug 2019

Economics of Animal Rearing Some Facts on Livestock REPORT OF THE WORKING GROUP ON ANIMAL HUSBANDRY & DAIRYING 12TH FIVE YEAR PLAN India has a broad spectrum of native breeds of cattle, buffalo, goats, sheep, swine, equine, camel and poultry

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Land Reforms – Objectives and Components

🕔12:52, 13.Aug 2019

Land reforms are visualized as an instrument of social justice as they seek to do away with exploitative relationships characterized by the sharp class division between rich landowning classes and impoverished peasants with no security of tenure. It is a

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Economic Growth And Development

🕔12:24, 13.Aug 2019

In very simple words ‘economic growth’ occurs whenever people take resources and rearrange them in ways that are more valuable to society. Economic growth may be defined as a rate of expansion that can move an underdeveloped country from a

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Role Of Planning

🕔14:55, 3.Aug 2019

For many countries development has been the major reason for the adoption of planning. This consideration has weighed with all types of countries – socialist, mixed economizer or capitalist – and countries at different levels of development – developed and underdeveloped.

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