Indian and Chinese officials began a course to train diplomats from Afghanistan at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) run by the External Affairs Ministry under “China India Plus” cooperation.

About the programme: The 1st Joint India-China Capacity Building Programme for Afghan diplomats was held at FSI in 2018 as part of an understanding reached between PM Narendra Modi, and Xi Xinping, President of China at the Wuhan Informal Summit. 

This is the 2nd Joint India-China Capacity Building Programme for Afghan Diplomats being held at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI).

  • It includes training modules on various topics covering India’s foreign policy, key international issues, multilateral diplomacy and diplomatic skills. 
  • The participants would get an exposure to modern India’s economic and technological developments.
  • They would also undertake study tours to experience the cultural heritage of India.


  • It shows India is committed to partner with Afghanistan in its efforts to emerge as a united, peaceful, secure, stable, inclusive and economically vibrant nation.
  • It will also help to strengthen relations with China and both countries can cooperate in the future to develop a third country.
  • It will strengthen intra BRICS diplomatic training as both the FSI and the CFAU were parties to a BRICS level MoU to train diplomats. 

Wuhan summit: It was an informal summit between India and china. 

  • The Wuhan Summit was significant, fruitful and unprecedented milestone in the history of bilateral relations. Both leaders discussed strategic autonomy, concerted efforts to realise the Asian Century and reaffirmed that China and India are good neighbours, good friends and good partners.
  • The two sides agreed to carry out “China India plus” cooperation in Afghanistan and speed up the economic cooperation under the BCIM framework. They exchanged views on how to coordinate in the WTO to jointly deal with trade frictions with the third party.