Context: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by the Prime Minister has approved the Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) Phase II & Phase III 


  • Globally India ranks third after China and the USA in terms of the number of large dams with 5264 large dams in operation and 437 large dams under construction. 
  • The total storage capacity of the impounded water by these dams is about 283 billion cubic meters (BCM). 
  • Dams play a vital role in water security and foster rapid and sustained growth in agricultural, rural, urban and industrial development, which have been key priorities for India since independence. 

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP)

Objectives: It aims to improve the safety and operational performance of selected dams across the whole country, along with institutional strengthening with system wide management approach.

  • To improve the safety and performance of selected existing dams and associated appurtenances in a sustainable manner.
  • To strengthen the dam safety institutional setup in participating states as well as at central level, and
  • To explore the alternative incidental means at few of selected dams to generate the incidental revenue for sustainable operation and maintenance of dams
  • Project management.

Ministry: The Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR), Government of India

Funding: Financial assistance of the World Bank (WB), and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is being provided.

  • The Project will be implemented over a period of 10 years duration in two Phases, from April, 2021 to March, 2031. 
  • The contribution of Central Government is Rs 1,024 crore as loan liability and Rs 285 crore as counterpart funding for Central Component. 


  • About 80% of our large dams are over twenty-five years old. 
  • Several of these dams may be experiencing distress and are in need of attention for ensuring their structural safety and operational efficiency. 
  • Mindful of this, Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation (MoWR, RD & GR) had been taking various initiatives since late ‘70s such as establishment of Dam Safety Organisations in the CWC and States.

Image source: The Hindu