This Women’s Day remembering Bina Das, she was a revolutionary and a freedom fighter who shot Bengal Governor got Padma Shri.

Life of Bina Das: 

  • She was a member of the Chatri Sangha revolutionary society. 
  • Her parents, Beni Madhab Das and Sarala Devi were idealistic and politically aware. 
  • After the 1928 session of the Congress Bina joined a circle of revolutionaries whose leader was Bhupal Bose.
  • In 1932 she catapulted herself into history by attempting to shoot the Governor of Bengal, Stanley Jackson, at the convocation where she was to receive her degree. 
  • She was caught and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment. 
  • After her early release in 1939, Das joined the Congress party. 
  • In 1942, she participated in the Quit India movement and was imprisoned again from 1942–45. 
  • From 1946–47, she was a member of the Bengal Provincial Legislative Assembly and, from 1947–51, of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly. 
  • Some years later, in 1941, she became the secretary of the South Kolkata Congress Committee, and in 1940 she accompanied Gandhiji to Noakhali during riots. 
  • Award: She won the Padma Shri award in 1960 for her "Social Work".

Works: Bina Das wrote two autobiographical works in Bengali: Shrinkhal Jhankar and Pitridhan.

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