ISRO has launched Bhuvan Panchayat 3 project to help Gram Panchayat in rural development and planning. A National workshop on SISDP-Update project has also been inaugurated. 

Bhuvan Panchayat 

  • The 3rd version of Bhuvan Panchayat web portal, for the first time will provide thematic database on a 1:10,000 scale  and 47 parameters with integrated high resolution satellite data for planning. 
  • Under the SISDP umbrella project, ISRO will collaborate with the Gram Panchayat members and other stakeholders to understand their requirements and provide requisite geo-spatial services. 
  • Bhuvan is the web portal( i.e. the medium)  through which the information is to be provided to the panchayats.
  • The portal will provide data obtained from ISRO’s Remote Sensing Satellites e.g. the Cartosat series satellites. 
  • The project will last for atleast 2 years.

SISDP-Update project

  • The Space-based Information Support for Decentralised Planning programme was taken up in 2011 to empower panchayati raj institutions and its stake-holders to enable participatory and decentralised planning in the country.
  • The flow of information will assist Gram Panchayats at grassroot level with basic planning inputs derived from satellite data for preparing developmental plans, its implementation and monitoring the activities. 
  • The geodatabase, products and services prepared under this project are expected to be disseminated through Bhuvan geoportal. 
  • National Remote Sensing Centre is tasked to execute the project of providing data in collaboration with various State Remote Sensing Centres. 
  • Phase-I was of the project was concluded in 2017 and subsequently, SISDP-Update project was initiated with enhanced objectives of providing value-added geospatial products and services to aid Gram Panchayat development planning process of Ministry of Panchayati Raj.

NOTE: SISDP is the umbrella project, while Bhuvan is the web portal through which the  project of information dissemination is to be implemented. Bhuvan has much wider applications across various fields while the SISDP project covers just one aspect of it.  


  • Information on land and water to be provided under the project are key to grass-root level planning and empowering the Panchayats. 
  • It will also help in visualization and monitoring of schemes at the panchayat level. 
  • It will help to improve the ease of living of rural people and in furthering their socio-economic well-being.