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Welcome aspirants to the JV’s IAS.

Preparing for the most reputed exam in the country- UPSC Civil Services examination, is no doubt demanding yet deeply enriching experience. UPSC aims to choose the candidate desired for public services without any personal interests. Aspirants often mistake this as a high pay job, indeed it is the most reputable position but not a job!

You will not be working from 10 to 6 like in corporate but, you’ll be in a day and night service of the common people dealing with their problems. Aspirants, beginning their UPSC journey, should be very clear about the hard work and hours of preparation to be given to UPSC CSE during preparation and after selection as well.

FAQs of IAS aspirants

  • How to start the UPSC preparation?
  • What Study Material or books to refer?
  • How to choose an optional?
  • How to cover the current affairs?
  • Which is the Best Current Affairs magazine?
  • Is it necessary to read all the magazines and newspapers?
  • Can self-preparation be enough for the IAS exam?

A good duration of 2-3 months of crucial study time can easily be wasted while dealing and finding the answers of such questions.

We at JV’s bring you all the important UPSC related sources to cover, Books to refer for particular subjects , current affairs notes and lectures on trending topics in the news, infographics, mind maps, and articles related to UPSC Preparation to answer all the above questions playing with aspirants minds.

We are offering the best online IAS preparation to serious aspirants and help them crack the UPSC exam. Our JV’s Premium kit - study material for every subject is compiled keeping in mind the relevance with UPSC syllabus and the latest UPSC trends and patterns.

Current Affairs magazines of JV’s are among the Best Current Affairs magazines for UPSC. They are the compilation of all important sources of current affairs; PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, Yojana, Kurukshetra and government official websites making it the best of Monthly Current Affairs Consolidation.

Current affairs lectures of JV’s provide you with the downloadable PDFs and aspirants can easily read and understand the topics important for prelims and mains as well. Among the many best institutes JV’s Provide best IAS Prelims Current Affairs Magazine PDF. Apart from downloading Current Affairs PDF you can also purchase the JV’s Monthly Current Affairs Magazines from amazon.

This journey of UPSC preparation is an involved process, a deeply enriching experience that expands your limits and exposes you to an ocean of information about the country and the globe at large.

Aspirants can find the best UPSC notes, Best IAS Study Material and Current Affairs Magazines at JV’s IAS.