In news: The Bangkok Declaration on Combating Marine Debris reaffirms ASEAN’s commitment to protect the marine environment and strengthen regional cooperation in addressing marine debris issues.

More about the news: 

  • ASEAN RECENTLY adopted the Bangkok Declaration on Combating Marine Debris. At the 34th ASEAN Summit in Bangkok on 22 June 2019, leaders declared their collective will to tackle the common threat of marine debris pollution to the region’s environment.
  • The pronouncement affirms the commitment of member states to seek solutions like an integrated land-to-sea approach, inter-sectoral and multi-stakeholder cooperation and coordination, private sector engagement, innovative solutions, research and education.
  • Among the major multi-sectoral policy approaches recommended by the Bangkok Declaration and the ASEAN Framework of Action is the mainstreaming of the circular economy, together with the 3R approach at the national level.