Context: AVGAS 100 LL was introduced by the Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas.


  •  Currently India is importing this product from European countries.

About AVGAS 100 LL:

  • AVGAS 100 LL, the primary aviation gasoline grade, is made for turbocharged reciprocating piston engines and is primarily used by FTOs and the armed forces to train pilots.
  • The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the statutory body of the Government of India responsible for overseeing civil aviation in India, tested and certified the AVGAS 100 LL produced by IndianOil's flagship refinery in Vadodara. 
  • Avgas is different from regular gasoline (petrol) used in automobiles, which is referred to as mogas (motor gasoline) in the context of aviation. 
  • The most widely used grades of avgas still contain tetraethyllead (TEL), a toxic substance used to prevent engine knocking, unlike motor gasoline, which has been formulated since the 1970s to enable the use of platinum-content catalytic converters for pollution reduction (premature detonation). The use of TEL in aviation gasoline is currently being investigated with the goal of eventually lowering or eliminating it.
  • 100 octane Low Lead, also referred to as 100LL, is the most popular and dependable type of aviation fuel.
  • Alkylate, a mixture of different isooctane, is the primary petroleum ingredient used in blending avgas.
  • Compared to imported grades, it is a higher-octane aviation fuel that satisfies product specifications and has higher performance standards. Hence it is of better quality than the imported AVGAS.


  • With more people visiting airports, more aircraft, and Flying Training Organisations (FTOs) in trainee aircraft for pilot training in the future, indigenous AVGAS 100 LL is crucial to meeting the needs of a thriving aviation industry. 
  • There will be a huge demand for trained pilots as well because India's need for air travel is expected to grow significantly in the future. And as a result, a significant increase in the number of FTOs is also anticipated.
  • All of our flight schools and other smaller aircraft that use AVGas 100 LL will be able to purchase this from domestic sources and save money as a result, making flying lessons a lot cheaper.
  • It will significantly impact us in terms of exporting it to regions and nations that require AVGas 100 LL fuel.