1. Terrorism needs global collaborated efforts. Comment.

Introduction: India has been advocating for global efforts against terrorism, since it is a problem that affects all the countries, in one way or the other. An introduction should be with the same theme.


  • Mention the challenge posed by terrorism.
  • Why are independent initiatives of the countries in-effective.
    • Solitary efforts.
    • Lack of resources.
    • Shelter by neighbours.
  • Examine the role of national interests and propaganda.
    • Ideology.
    • Sabotage.
    • Indirect wars. 
  • Conclude with a way forward for global collaboration.
    • Need for a global definition.
    • Global collaboration.
    • Financial action against sponsoring states.
    • Military action against terror groups.

Conclusion: Mention the need for active cooperation among various forums, like RATS, etc. so that terrorism can be completely eliminated.


  1. Having air corridors with other countries can have an impact on multiple industries. Comment.

Introduction: India will now be having air-corridors with the central asian countries. Use this news to build a context on the topic.


  • Mention the impact of the air corridors.
    • New trade routes.
    • Better tourism opportunities.
    • Multi-modal transportation.
    • Faster movement of perishable goods.
  • Highlight the limitations.
    • Costly air transportation.
    • More risks compared to other means of transport.
    • Huge investments may be required in the creation of infrastructure.
  • The industries that it will support are
    • Tourism
    • Logistics.
    • Agriculture
    • Processed material.
  • Suggest the solutions for the challenges.
    • Efficient management of routes and infrastructure.
    • Automation for cost reduction.
    • Using bio-fuels for reduced costs.
    • Having more air corridors for maximum utilisation.
  • Conclude with a way forward.

Conclusion: Air corridors are essential for the better aviation sector, although their scope is limited with current technology. India must focus on having more such corridors for better multimodal transport networks.


  1. Child porn has multi-dimensional issues involved. Comment.

Introduction: Child porn has consequences on all the aspects of the society. Begin your answer with the same.


  • Mention the issues with child porn.
    • Influence on children
    • Child trafficking
    • Moral hazard of decaying social values.
    • Putting the future of the society at stake.
  • Examine the challenges that prevail.
    • Unrestricted content on social media.
    • Children are often unaware of the exploitation.
    • Lack of sex education in the society
    • Depression and suicides become common among the victims.
  • Mention some solutions for eliminating the issue.
    • Sex education for all
    • Sensitising the children against threats.
    • Considering children as a social asset
    • Counselling facilities for porn addicts.
  • Conclude with the way forward.

Conclusion: Conclude the answer with the need to curb child porn.


  1. Reducing tax rates must be accompanied with reduced litigation associated. Examine.

Introduction: Income tax is one of the largest litigants in the country. Begin your answer on that note.


  • Examine the current status of litigations.
    • High pendency.
    • Less rate of success in appeals.
    • Department often ends up spending more than the recovered amount.
  • Highlight the changes introduced recently.
    • Increase in the recovery limit for filing appeals.
    • Automated tax forms processing to reduce litigation.
  • Use budget highlights for reforms.
    • Vivad se Vishwas
    • New direct tax code.
  • Provide a way forward.

Conclusion: Tax rate reduction is only one step closer towards building a people friendly tax collection system in the country. Conclude by mentioning the ‘Vivad se Vishwas’ from the Union Budget.


  1. Examine the need for re-coding the Indian Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code in the light of recent court judgements.

Introduction: India has the archaic IPC and CrPC that were coded in the years 1834, and 1973. Many of the laws under these have become obsolete now.


  • Highlight the archaic nature of the IPC and the CrPC.
  • Mention the issues with these.
    • Outdated laws
    • Inconsistent with modern values.
    • Often challenged in the courts.
  • Use some recent judgements that eliminated the provisions of these laws.
    • Section 377 of IPC.
    • Section 497 of IPC.
    • Section 309 of IPC
  • Suggest the challenges in bringing new code.
    • Re-writing the rules may be done at the whims of the center.
    • Rules will have to be made inclusive.
    • Progressive values vs social values may contrast
  • Conclude with a way forward.

Conclusion:  Indian laws need to be progressive as the Indian society is progressing through modern times. Conclude by demonstrating the need to re-code the laws, or not to do the same; depending on your opinion.

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