1. What are technical textiles and how can they influence the export sector in India?
    1. Introduction Mention the industrial revolution 4.0 and an increasing role of technical textiles in our day to day life.
    2. Body
      1. What are the technical textiles?
      2. What are their usage?
        1. Agriculture technology
        2. Geo-tech
        3. Building technology
        4. Clothing technology.
      3. Why to locally produce them?
        1. Huge import dependence.
        2. High export potential.
        3. Boon to the manufacturing sector.
      4. The challenges that lay ahead:
        1. Skilled labour is inadequate.
        2. Lack of standards and quality.
        3. Huge investment is required.
    3. Conclusion During the budget speech, the FM has mentioned that India imports more than $16 billion worth of technical textiles. You can conclude the answer on the note for improving the need for the indigenous production.


  1. What are forward and backward linkages? Examine their types, and role in doubling the farmers’ income.
    1. Introduction Mention the utility of the forward and backward linkages in the development cycle in the introduction part.
    2. Body
      1. What are forward linkages and backward linkages?
      2. Mention the sideways linkages too.
      3. What are the issues related to such linkages in the agriculture sector in India?
        1. Lack of infrastructure.
        2. The industrial growth has not been significantly high.
        3. Lack of private partnerships.
        4. Marginal landholdings disincentive the farmers’ contribution in the infrastructure creation.
      4. What are the effects of creating such linkages in the country
        1. Reduction of food wastage at a significant level.
        2. Promotion of food security
        3. Improving the quality of food, and thus nutritional levels.
      5. Examine their potential in the Indian economy.
        1. Increasing the exports.
        2. Higher growth of the food processing industry.
        3. Improving the quality of the exports,
        4. Better remuneration to the farmers.
    3. Conclusion The budget speech of the finance minister had remarks for creating the backward linkages leading to the development of the company. You can use them as the concluding remark.


  1. Private trains have the potential of resolving many of the issues with the railways. Critically comment.
    1. Introduction Private trains like Tejas express, and some more to be announced soon, are expected to bring a lot of benefits to both, the consumers and the railways. Introduction can be on that note.
    2. Body
      1. Mention the issues that can be resolved by the privatisation.
        1. Efficiency of the railways to improve.
        2. Better monetisation of existing infrastructure.
        3. Faster adoption of new technology.
      2. Highlight the challenges in privatisation of railways.
        1. Prices can be market controlled, and thereby too high.
        2. There can be a drastic loss of jobs.
        3. Increased privatisation will lead to loss of significant revenue to the exchequer.
      3. Talk about the spillover effect to other sectors.
        1. Private trains for cargo will improve the efficiency of logistics.
        2. These can lead to the creation of multimodal transport networks throughout the country.
        3. Creation of additional jobs in the private sector.
    3. Conclusion The Union budget has talked about bringing private trains not only for the passenger routes but also for the cargo trains. Use it to conclude the answer.
  2. Being a founder member of the ISA, India has an active role to play in the adoption of solar power. Comment.
    1. Introduction ISA has been a key achievement of the Indian government. Begin the answer by a brief introduction to the initiative.
    2. Body
      1. Mention the reasons for the adoption of solar power.
      2. Highlight the role India has to play.
      3. How is it beneficial for India:
        1. Economically
        2. Ecologically
      4. What are the challenges India will face?
        1. Cheap imports of solar plants from China.
        2. India has lost the case related to duties in WTO.
        3. Still, the technology remains very costly in India.
        4. The capacity addition in the last year has been meager.
      5. What are the solutions
        1. International support.
        2. Leading by example.
        3. Supporting domestic manufacturers.
        4. Encouraging other countries to join and implement solar power.
    3. Conclusion Conclude the answer with the arguments in the union budget regarding the creation of a solar infrastructure in the country.


  1. Aquaculture has a huge potential, even beyond the coastal areas. Comment.
    1. Introduction Introduce your answer by giving some data regarding the fisheries sector in the country.
    2. Body
      1. What is aquaculture?
      2. What role can it play for the coastal areas and the hinterlands?
        1. Coastal areas
          1. Improves the remuneration.
          2. Better chances of engagement of youth in the sector.
          3. Has the capacity to absorb the population from agriculture.
        2. Hinterlands
          1. It can supplement farm incomes.
          2. Better utilization of the ponds, and rivers.
          3. This leads to the protection of water bodies.
          4. Specially empowers the women-led processing infrastructure.
      3. Examine the issues with the development of the sector.
        1. Less awareness in the hinterlands.
        2. Inadequacy of infrastructure and capital.
        3. Multi-dimensional development of the region.
        4. Increases the export potential.
      4. Provide solutions for the upliftment of the sector.
        1. NABARD led awareness and promotional plans.
        2. Ending the encroachment and the degradation of the local water bodies.
        3. Bringing fisheries under the ambit of the Kisan credit card.
    3. Conclusion Union budget talks about empowering the youth through the development of the fisheries sector.

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