1. Internal situation of Pakistan has a strong impact on India. Comment.

Introduction Pakistan has remained in a state of turmoil ever since independence and its internal activities have been disturbing India.


  • Pakistan’s policy on terrorism
    • Deep state
    • Supports terror
    • Religious extremism
    • Hub for terror outfits.
  • Impact on India.
    • J&K crisis
    • Terror attacks
    • Radicalisation
  • FATF and global call against terrorism
    • Curbing the finances
    • Supply of arms and money to terror outfits.
    • Restricting internet access
    • Counter propaganda
  • India’s role
    • Prompt for peace.
    • Pushing Pakistan by international support.
    • Better border vigil.
    • Gain strategic dominance.

Conclusion Mention the need for a stable Pakistan and its impact on India.

  1. Examine the need and feasibility of granting voting rights to the prisoners.

Introduction Voting rights to the prisoners has been a long debated issue. Begin your answer with the same debate.


  • Examine the current situation
    • No voting rights to prisoners
    • Legal rights are curtailed.
    • Debated on whether to grant rights or not.
  • Why grant voting rights
    • They too are citizens
    • For democratic principles.
    • Promotes equality of legal rights.
    • Prison reforms might come if prisoners vote
  • Why not grant the voting rights
    • Prisoners come to prisons from different areas
    • It can further boost criminalisation of politics.
    • Conduct of elections will be yet another challenge.
  • What are the solutions
    • Voting rights for the undertrials may be brought.
    • All stakeholders meet should be conducted.
    • Prison reforms must be brought in any case.

Conclusion Provide a way forward with suitable arguments for your stand.

  1. Rise in criminals in politics has degraded the quality of Indian democracy. Critically comment.

Introduction Criminalisation of politics is a major political issue in India. Begin with that.


  • What is the status of criminalisation of politics?
    • Mention ADR data on parliament
    • Mention ADR data on state assemblies
  • What are the problems created?
    • Law breakers as law makers.
    • Quality of democracy falls.
    • People’s faith in government is reduced.
    • Law and order becomes a challenge.
  • What are the solutions to it?
    • Declaration of criminal antecedents of the contestants.
    • Forbidding those with a criminal history from contesting elections.
    • State funding of elections.
    • Right to recall.
    • Fast track courts for concluding the cases against sitting legislators.
    • NOTA for barring the candidates.

Conclusion Criminals in politics have a negative impact on democracy. Conclude on that note.

  1. Use of pesticides in Agriculture in India suffers from many issues. Examine the challenges and suggest solutions for effective use of pesticides.

Introduction Indian farms have been reeling under the unscientific usage of pesticides. This has been highlighted by many reports and you can use the same to introduce your answer.


  • Mention the menace of the pesticides in the country.
  • Examine the issues caused by it
    • Negative impact on biodiversity
    • Eutrophication of water bodies
    • Pesticides have entered human food chain
    • Land degradation
  • What are the proposed solutions?
    • Educating the farmers.
    • Controlling the supply of pesticides.
    • Banning extremely concentrated ones.
    • Mandatory soil testing
  • Mention the role of technology specifically
    • Regular messages to aware the farmers.
    • Promotion of best practices using technology
    • Faster testing of soil.

Conclusion Use the budget announcement for controlling the impact of pesticides in agriculture.

  1. Civil services in India are the iron frame holding the country together. However, the frame is not getting rusted. Mention the challenges and suggest solutions in the light of the statement.

Introduction PM Modi is said to have remarked about the civil servants in the country a few days ago. You can begin the answer on that note.


  • Why are civil services an iron frame for the nation?
  • What are the issues with them?
    • Elitist
    • Corruption
    • Red tapism
    • Political interference
  • What are the solutions?
    • Performance based promotion
    • People centric bureaucrats
    • Security of tenure
    • Reduced political interference.
  • Give a way forward.

Conclusion Conclude by mentioning the role that is to be played by the civil services in the coming years amid the growing global stature of India.

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