1. What are the issues with current surrogacy law and what solutions are suggested?

Introduction Surrogacy laws have come under flak for a variety of reasons. Mention the recent recommendations of the rajya sabha panel to introduce your answer.


  • Mention the current surrogacy law.
  • Highlight some lacunae in the current bill.
    • Ignores the rights of the mother
    • Violates the privacy of the individuals.
    • Doesn’t take into account the single parents, and homosexual couples.
  • Examine the changes proposed by the RS Panel on surrogacy.
    • Not only a close kin but anyone can be the mother
    • only altruistic surrogacy should be allowed .
    • The omission of the five-year waiting period before seeking surrogacy

Conclusion The surrogacy bill fails to deal with the rights of the mother, which should be the way forward to the conclusion of this answer.

  1. India is in dire need of prison reforms. Comment.

Introduction India’s prisons are said to make hardcore criminals rather than reforming them. Introduce your answer with this point.


  • Mention the poor state of Indian prisons
    • Food quality
    • Hygiene and sanitation
    • Less avenues for education and career
    • Rehabilitation options are less.
  • Examine the impact of these on the reformation aspects.
    • Converts normal criminals into hardcore criminals.
    • Prevents the reformation of the convicts.
  • Suggest some reforms.
    • Quality food
    • Better living conditions
    • Segregation of hardcore criminals from first timers.
    • Education and rehabilitation opportunities.
    • Protection from sexual exploitation.

Conclusion India needs not only to reform its prisons but to completely transform them. Conclude by mentioning the need for sucht transformation.

  1. Examine the issues with the GST system, and suggest reforms.

Introduction GST has been launched with the idea of creating one nation one market. However, the GST network has been facing a rally of challenges, any of which can be used to introduce the answer.


  • Mention the major issues with the GST system.
    • Distribution of tax proceeds between the center and states
    • Tax evasion
    • Too many slabs
    • Many products remain out of the ambit of the system.
    • Problems with the GST network
  • Examine the solutions adopted so far.
    • Rationalisation of tax rates
    • Better devolution of the taxes.
    • E-way bill system for logistics issues.
  • Mention the challenges that remain unaddressed.
    • GST network has significant issues.
    • Credit reversal
    • Adoption to IT has been detrimental to many businesses.
  • Provide a way forward.

Conclusion The GST system is a noble idea, but it needs to resolve the issues that loom around. Conclude the answer on this point.

  1. Banning imports and exports may be good in the short term, but the long term impacts are devastating. Do you agree? Suggest a strategy to resolve these issues.

Introduction India has been taking actions to restrict the imports and push for the exports to boost the low economic growth of the country. Begin with such points to develop a context to your answer.


  • Mention the issues with banning imports and pushing for exports.
    • Protectionist policy.
    • Bad for the economy in the long term.
    • Chances of retaliatory tariffs.
    • Disincentives the improvement of the export ecosystem.
  • Provide for the challenges with making the exports competitive.
    • Higher compliance costs.
    • Higher production costs.
    • Long turnaround time for the exports
    • Logistics and infrastructure challenges.
  • Mention the solutions that are envisaged as a long term strategy.
    • Promotion of efficient production.
    • Creation of forward and backward linkages.
    • Easing up of labour laws.
    • Self-certification rather than inspections.

Conclusion A free market with competitive exports must be an alternative to banning imports. Conclude the answer with the same note.

  1. Tourism is important for the local, as well as the national economy. Do you agree? Suggest the strategy to increase tourism in the country.

Introduction Tourism as a sector has a high spillover effect on various industries. These can be used for the introduction of your answer.


  • Mention the spillover effect of the tourism sector.
    • Almost every other sector is influenced
    • Tourism, transport, food, monuments, etc.
  • Differentiate the impact on the local as well as national level.
    • Creation of employment
    • Revenue for beautification and management of localities.
    • Promotion of local goods in the alien markets.
    • Forex for the national economy, etc.
  • Mention the challenges facing tourism in the country.
    • Poor infrastructure,
    • Safety
    • Touts and thugs
    • Women harassment.
    • Hygiene and cleanliness
    • Lack of trained guides.
    • Lack of promotion throughout the year, rather than one or two months.
    • Rise of slum tourism.
  • Suggest the solutions to improve tourism in the country.
    • Year round promotion
    • Eco-tourism
    • Safety of the travellers to be improved.
    • Local awareness and participation.

Conclusion Mention the need for boosting tourism for holistic development of the local as well as national economy. The body should raise adequate arguments, which must be closed through the conclusion.

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