Among Members: On G-20 Osaka Summit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the occasion of the G-20 Osaka summit for as many as 20 bilateral and multilateral meetings

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  • G-20 platform is often used by member countries as a platform to discuss various pressing issues it wishes to discuss with other members on bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral levels.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi used the occasion of the G-20 summit at Osaka for as many as 20 such meetings, including nine bilaterals, eight pull-aside engagements, and of the Russia-India-China, Japan-U.S.-India and Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa groupings.
  • The most anticipated were President Donald Trump’s meetings with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and Mr. Modi, given the escalation in trade tensions.
    • Both ended on a cordial note, but with no breakthrough or “big deals”.
    • Both come as a relief to India, given the impact of those tensions on the national and global economies.
  • Many global challenges, such as climate change and its impact, the balance between the needs for speed and national security with 5G networks being introduced, as well as technology-driven terrorism is raised at the meeting
    • Modi raised several Indian concerns at the G-20 deliberations, including the need for cooperation on dealing with serious economic offenders and fugitives, as well as climate change funding.

Consensus on issues at G-20

  • Ocean pollution management,
  • Gender equality and
  • Concerted efforts to fight corruption

Contentious Issues at G- 20

  • Data issues
    • India sent a tough message by refusing to attend the digital economy summit pushed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as his plan for “data free flow with trust”, included in the G-20 declaration, runs counter to the Reserve Bank of India’s proposed data localization guidelines.
  • climate change and its impact
    • The U.S. wrote in a counter to the paragraph praising the Paris accord
  • Trade Protectionism
    • Trade protectionism was not mentioned in the document.


  • Saudi Arabia hosting the next G-20 in 2020, followed by Italy in 2021, and India in 2022.
    • India should lead the exercise in making the G-20 more effective in dealing with some of the inequities in its system.

The G-20 is an important platform to discuss pressing issues, and it must not be detracted from its original purpose of promoting sustainable growth and financial stability by grandstanding by one or two members.

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By Moderator July 1, 2019 11:41