Polavaram project is one in which water is being transferred from the Godavari to the Krishna river. It is a major irrigation project being constructed on the Godavari River across Andhra, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh.

  • The Andhra Pradesh government has been awarded the Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) award for speedy completion of Polavaram multipurpose project on the Godavari river.
  • Andhra Pradesh received the award for “Best Implementation of Water Resources Project” for better planning, implementation, and monitoring.
  • IndirasagarPolavaram an interstate project on river Godavari has been conceived as a part of recommendations of Godavari Water Disputes Tribunal (GWDT).
  • The project is multipurpose major terminal reservoir project on river Godavari for development of Irrigation, Hydropower and drinking water facilities to East Godavari, Vishakhapatnam, West Godavari and Krishna districts of Andhra Pradesh.
  • The project implements Godavari-Krishna link under Interlinking of rivers project.
  • The project envisages a transfer of 80TMC of surplus Godavari water to river Krishna which will be shared between AP, Karnataka, and Maharashtra in the proportion of 45 TMC by AP and 35 TMC by Karnataka and Maharashtra as per the decision of the GWDT award.
Timeline of Polavaram Project 1941: Idea was born 2004: Andhra CM YSR Reddy demands Polavaram Project 2009: Union declares it a national project & puts it under Ministry of Water resource. Odisha &Chhatisgarhobjected. Objections to Polavaram DAM: ODISHA        It is demanding to lower the height of this dam should be low. Malkangiri forest area is prone to be submerged in water. The Godavari gets water from Sabari and Sileru rivers in Odisha. CHHATTISGARH: Villages along Sabari River prone to be submerged. TELANGANA: Dam will submerge villages Environmental impact assessment (EIA) says more than 250 villages and about 1.5 lakh villagers will be affected. Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) Cabinet gave a go-ahead to setup Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) – for resolving issues by other states and arranging for investment. The union is empowered to create these bodies under Interstate River Water Disputes Act, 1956. river Also read: Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Issue in Supreme Court Anti-Defection Law: What Can Disqualify A Legislator