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  • Well, the Press Council of India is the statutory body in our India that governs the conduct of the print media.
  • Presently, the Council functions under the Press Council Act 1978 which arose from the recommendations of the Second Press Commission of India (1978).
  • The Press Council is a quasi-judicial body which acts as a watchdog of the press. Furthermore, it adjudicates the complaints against and by the press for violation of the ethics and also for the violation of the freedom of the press respectively.

Issues with Press in India

1) Freedom of the press- intimidation from the state like in the case of NDTV shutdown for reporting during Pathankot attack, weak whistle-blower protection act, defamation suits etc. have restricted the freedom of the press.
2) Paid news, advertorials and fake news
3) Credibility issue: Biases of reporters, editors, etc. have dented the image of news channels and newspapers.

4) Corporate and political lobbying and ownership
5) Flooding of news channels, race for TRPs to get advertising revenues- more sensational news than fact reporting
6) Weak regulation- only a self-regulating body like PCI (press council of India) has little power or legislative backup to regulate the press.
7) The advent of social media- competition for instant and quick news and reporting without first checking the facts. For example The reporting of GPS Nano chips in the new 500 and also 2000 notes.


1. Ownership restriction on cross-holding and aggregate holding have to be legislated. TRAI has suggested a maximum 32% market share 
2. A law can be passed to create a wall between the managerial and editorial department 
3. Creating a genuinely independent and transparent system for accessing circulation and rating of media
4. We can apply the recommendation of LEVESON COMMITTEE REPORT in the Indian context 
5. PCI is powerless therefore a new body must be created which represent all media platform and help control FAKE NEWS AND PAID NEWS

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By admin April 30, 2019 17:18