Skill development initiative to help unemployed youth turn into entrepreneurs


  • The Nuclear Power Corporation of India  has helped unemployed young people living near the Tarapur Atomic Power Plant through its Advanced Knowledge and Rural Technology Implementation (AKRUTI) programme.
  • The company is currently planning to deploy a similar program in a village near the Kudankulam nuclear power plant, to train local unemployed youth with techno entrepreneurial skills.
  • The Bhabha Atomic Research Center is developing new, user-friendly and low-cost technologies in the fields of nuclear science, radioisotopes, industry, health and agriculture, and these technologies are being taught to the unemployed youth to make them entrepreneurs.. 
  • The non-power application and spin-off technologies of BARC, which can be used for societal and industrial benefits, are being taken to the younger generation who want to get involved in the fields of medical, food preservation, waste management and other rural and industrial applications.
  • Example: The AKRUTI programme’s technology transfer of a cost-effective foldable dryer, which can be used for drying fruits, vegetables and fish. These are solar powered and made up of rare conducting poly sheets to amplify the atmospheric heat to 200%. Since the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project is surrounded by 13 coastal hamlets, this type of drier will be of a boon to the fishermen, especially to the fisher women who can use it to hygienically dry the unsold fish within a short span to make more revenue.
  • Production of de-bittered bitter gourd juice with anti-diabetic activity, extension of the shelf-life of litchi, instant fish soup powder, post-harvest technology for development of intermediate moisture shrimp, micro-fine neem biopesticide, tissue culture in a range of plants including banana, vibro thermal disinfector, mass multiplication medium of biofungicide etc. are some of the most sought-after technologies by the trainees of AKRUTI.


  • AKRUTI stands for Advanced Knowledge and Rural Technology Implementation programme
  • Mission - Empower Villages with Science & Technology (S&T) based eco-friendly work plan for sustainable Techno-Economic growth of rural sector
  • Offered by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre under the Department of Atomic Energy
  • The programme AKRUTI-KRUTIK-FORCE aims to create structured and scalable network of technology nodes in rural areas providing easy access to modern technologies to all villagers in their own villages. 
  • Through this programme, the technology centre called AKRUTI node is set up in a village, under the guidance of BARC, through technically oriented NGOs working in that village. 
  • AKRUTI node will park number of BARC developed technologies for use by villagers. 
  • These technologies are demonstrated and taken to different villages around the AKRUTI node via working centres established in different villages. These working centres are called KRUTI Kendra viz. KRUTIK. 
  • KRUTIK stands for ‘Knowledge and RUral Technology Implementation Kendra, which works with villagers and farmers’ groups and deploys these technologies in their own villages and in the fields. 
  • These groups are known as FORCE meaning Farmers’ Organised group for Rural Creative Entrepreneurship. Each member of FORCE group is made familiar with technologies of AKRUTI through KRUTIK. 
  • AKRUTI and KRUTIKs will function coherently and will create large number of FORCE groups in different villages who will benefit from the use of the technologies in AKRUTI node. Some of them will play a role of successful entrepreneurs.