The Significance of Model Code of Conduct What is MCC?

  • MCC enhances voter confidence.
  • MCC allows each candidate to get a rough parity in a multiparty democracy on the basis of which free and fair elections are conducted.
  • It also creates a balance between the people who hold power and those that do not.
  • MCC also plays an important role in channelling the democratic behaviour in a proper manner, putting the limits on each candidate and each political party, not permitting indecencies and excesses and avoiding differentiations between caste and community.
  • However, MCC is only a code of conduct which cannot be binding on anyone. It cannot penalize anyone for deviations from it.
  • Though there are aberrations from MCC, the essence of a democracy is to debate the policies, accommodate the differences and to proceed with decision making.
  • The aberrations prove the effectiveness of the MCC.
  • The voter understands that the rights are not given but they are earned.
  • A study shows that poorer people take to voting much more seriously than others.
  • Through the MCC, the EC strives to ensure that
  1. The voter can exercise his vote freely
  2. The exercise of vote can be done fairly
  • The EC has been able to inculcate some values in the voter to differentiate between the trivial and substantial aberrations of parties from the MCC. This enables the voter to vote wisely.
  Election process of India
  • The election process of India has evolved over the years to include various technologies like voter’s id cards, Electronic Voting Machines and VVPATs.
  • The process is admired throughout the world. Many developing countries look at the process as a model so much so that India’s EC plays an advisory role in many other countries.
  • As society changes from one phase to another, technology also changes and the incorporation of technology leads to a better and fairer election process.
  • Technology has enabled reduction of booth capturing and impersonation in elections.
  • Technology also helps the EC keep a check on the parties to see whether any rules of the MCC are violated.
  • It has helped the EC to reduce aberrations from MCC.
  Staggering of elections
  • It is the process by which elections are conducted in phases thereby conducting the elections at a slow pace in different parts of the country.
  • It is done to give time to the security forces for moving from one part of the state to another.
  • The EC implements the process in states which have had a history of violence.
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