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  • India will elect its 17th Lok Sabha from April to May.
  • The Election commission has enlisted the support of many organisations for voter awareness, one such body being the community radio.
  • Community radio plays a major role in voter’s awareness, of their rights and the need to exercise the right to vote.

What does the EC do through the community radio?

  • EC has been undertaking voter awareness campaign which includes voter’s education also. Community radio specifically addresses the requirements of different communities. Therefore EC chose this as the best medium for voter’s awareness.
  • Along with Community radio, public broadcasters, All India Radio and Doordarshan are also playing a big role in voter’s awareness.
  • Apart from telling voters about their right to vote, it also explains the voting process to the people.
  • The voters are told how to approach the Electronic Voting Machine, how to cast their ballot, how to verify their vote by looking at the slip generated by the Verified Voter Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machine.
  • Community radios address voters through their local language making it more effective.
  • It also tells the voters how to enlist themselves as voters, to check their names if the rolls have been revised and the documents they require for voting.

What is the need for such awareness?

  • The voting day is often considered a holiday by many people.
  • So, instead of going to the polling booth and casting their vote, people tend to avoid the same to consider it a rest day.
  • The EC also considers the awareness campaign significant to encourage women voters to exercise their voting rights.
  • Women’s vote constitutes an important role as it is also a method to empower themselves.
  • So, campaigns were launched through community radio and AIR for women voters to enlist themselves first.
  • This is also a kind of breaking a social barrier as women often do not come out of their homes in many parts of the country for anything without the permission of their male members.
  • The EC’s efforts have been able to increase the number of women voters in the past ten years.

Significance of radios

  • Radio penetration is more in rural areas.
  • Unorganised sector workers often listen to the radio during their work which in turn makes their customers also listen to the same.
  • Even people in rural areas gather together to listen to the radio.

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By admin March 31, 2019 11:32