New India transformed – Strong nation

  • The foreign policy of India stands at a matured stage especially after the Pulwama attacks.
  • After the Pulwama attacks, India was able to isolate Pakistan militarily and diplomatically.
  • India conducted air strikes on terror camps in Balakot.
  • India also carried forward its concerns to US, Russia, France, UK, Saudi Arabia and China.
  • India’s diplomacy succeeded in isolating Pakistan to such an extent that Pakistan’s allies, China and Saudi Arabia did not support Pakistan.
Why was Pakistan isolated?
  • The terror groups in Pakistan have been active and operational since long.
  • These groups are said to be funded by the military and the government of Pakistan.
  • Though Pakistan claims itself to be a victim of terrorism it has not done anything to curb the same.
  • Also, any kind of terrorist activity in any part of the world can be traced to Pakistan.
  • Every country is aware of the terror groups operating within Pakistan and the threats emanating from the same.
  • India and Pakistan became independent from the same British colonial power.
  • But India assumed a positive growth trajectory and improved its economy in terms of health, education, infrastructure and other sectors.
  • Pakistan, on the other hand, has degraded itself so much so that it is at the mercy of bail out packages from China, Saudi Arabia and the IMF.
India’s policy
  • India had given the defence forces the freedom to decide on any course of action to be taken on Pakistan.
  • Likewise in all areas of development, whether it be long term or short term, the government has taken care to bring about development in all sectors.
  • Some of the developments has had immediate effects while others have taken time.
  • India thus has achieved more on all fronts compared to Pakistan.
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