Fresh proposal to list Masood Azhar as a global terrorist The US has circulated a draft resolution among the UNSC members. It is an effort to push for designation of Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. The move was resisted by China earlier. Pakistan’s response to Pulwama dossier

  • Though other countries like US, France, UK have been convinced about the evidence provided by India to link Jaish-e-Mohammed to Pulwama terror attacks, Pakistan has never been so.
  • As cited by the MEA, Pakistan’s response has been very disappointing.
  • Pakistan said there the findings provided by India were preliminary findings and it wanted more evidence from India.
What is the situation of Pakistan?
  • Pakistan is under pressure from international organisations to act against terrorism.
  • It has been greylisted by the Financial Action Task Force already and been given a timeline to act against the terror groups failing which it will be blacklisted.
  • Pakistan had arrested a few groups and banned some as well. But these are fruitless efforts as these organisations enjoy a free hand in Pakistan with the support of the Pakistan state itself.
  • Pakistan has time and again been rescued by China which put a technical hold on the 1267 committee listing of Masood Azhar.
Why is the pressure mounting on terrorism?
  • Most of the countries have been at the receiving end of terrorism and all countries have realised the common point of Pakistan from where it is emanating.
  • Pressure is the only way to force Pakistan to make some progress against terrorism.
  • Pakistan has been reluctant to act against the terror infrastructure in its country.
  • Pressure has been mounted by the UNSC and the Financial Action Task Force.
  • Any effort to bring control on Pakistan sponsored terrorism has been deterred by China. So the pressure is also on China to make its stand clear openly on terrorism.
  • China has also been given a timeline within which it needs to indicate the reasons it felt for putting a hold on the listing of Masood Azhar by the UNSC.
  • Doubs is also raised on the intentions of China as China has been torturing Muslims in the Xinjiang region but is seen as protecting the same in Pakistan.
  • China has remained bold in getting isolated in the global arena in the fight against terrorism by supporting Pakistan. Though China is also under pressure, it never admits the same. So, there is a need to pressurize China which is the only way to mount pressure on Pakistan as well.
  • Control on terrorism is also required for the stability of Afghanistan which in turn will also decide the peace and stability of Central Asia.
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