Government’s firm resolve for national integrity

  • 23rd March is the martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru.
  • All three were arrested in the Lahore conspiracy where a policeman, Saunders was killed and the plan was made by Sukhdev.
  • They also were involved in the bombing in the Central Legislative Assembly where Bhagat Singh said he wanted to make deaf ears which were meant to be a political message for the people of the country. Therefore, he used bombs which could not hurt or kill anybody but was targeted at the benches in the Legislative Assembly.
Bhagat Singh
  • Bhagat Singh summarized his messages in two slogans
  • Inquilab Zindabad which means ‘Long Live Revolution’
  • Samrajyavad Murdabad which means ‘Down with imperialism’
  • Bhagat Singh was an atheist and hence had appealed to the people to join hands irrespective of caste, creed and religion to oppose imperialism.
  • He kept religion away from public and political life and also wrote an article ‘Why am I an Atheist?’
  • He was against discrimination based on religion and vouched for a unified India which could throw away the Britishers. Has the trio been given the required importance after independence?
  • Unfortunately, many feel that the trio has not been given the required importance for their roles in the freedom struggle.
  • Bhagat Singh was only 23 years old when he was hanged but the kind of political clarity that he had at that age was exemplary.
  • They need to be given far more important for their roles in the struggle for independence.
  • Recently the government banned the JKLF under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.
  • JKLF is still part of the United Jihad Council in Pakistan from where they draw funds.
  • Though they do not collect funds in Kashmir, they sustain their structure in Kashmir from funds from Pakistan.
  • It was the JKLF which perpetrated large scale violence in the 1989 and 1990s in Kashmir against the Kashmir state institutions, Kashmir Pandit community and the individuals.
  • When Pakistan withdrew armed support to JKLF, it turned peaceful. Unfortunately, none of the members of the JKLF has been punished for their crimes. Though there are many cases going on, TADA court has not completed trial in any of them. However, it has weakened over the years as they have been targets of the security forces continuously.
  • It was also banned by the central government recently.
  • It was part of the violent campaign carried out from 1989 onwards.
  • Hizbul Mujahideen was the armed wing of Jamaat-e-Islami.
  • Initially, they were banned. But the lifting of the ban after a few years made them carry out their activities again.
  • People are influenced by the narrative given by JeI and tend to follow their narratives.
  • JeI patronises the violent campaign against India.
What happens to the organisations once they are declared unlawful?
  • Members of the organisations become liable for prosecution.
  • Nobody is allowed to collect funds on their behalf.
  • No one can carry activities under their banner. Their activities can be controlled by the state police forces and security forces.
  • Therefore, the ban would contain the open activities of the group.
What should be done?
  • All divisive forces should be brought under the ambit of the law and prosecuted according to the procedure of law.
  • If the present day youth were to be influenced by the activities of the young people like Bhagat Singh of pre-independence days, the message would be not to get carried away but to read, understand and become part of the national mainstream of the country.
  • Also, the ideas of young people should be understood in the proper perspective and carried forward.
  • For example, Bhagat Singh had said revolution does not mean violence. He had clarified that individual acts of violence are not justified and his acts of violence were only to awaken the people
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