Terror attacks in Sri Lanka Horrific terror attacks took place across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday on churches and hotels killing a massive number of 290 people and more.This has shattered the prevailing peace in Sri Lanka. What could have been the reasons for the attacks?

  • There has not been an authoritative word on anything and not much rumors have been circulated due to the necessary clamp on the social media.
  • Some features of the attacks should be noted
  1. The geographical spread of the attacks over the country or the scale and intensity of the attacks
  2. The attacks on churches on Easter day signify a conflagration –communal or religious.
  3. Attacks on hotels also meant an attack on foreigners.
Significant features of the targeted attacks
  • There were problems within the country between the Tamils, LTTE and the Sri Lankan government in which the Muslims were not much involved. But they have been targeted during the attacks.
  • Muslims in Eastern Sri Lanka and Colombo are Tamil speaking people.
  • The LTTE also comprised of Christians, Hindus and Muslims.
  • Thus the ethnic war in Sri Lanka has taken a communal turn hitherto not found.
  • There was a communal tension between the Buddhist clergy and other minorities.
  • There are three fault lines in Sri Lanka – ethnic, communal and political.
  • Experts are studying the attacks to ascertain the connections or pattern of the attacks that resemble the Al Qaida, Islamic state etc.
  • The attacks were well coordinated with the bombs going off successively.
  • The attacks also imply the failure of the intelligence agencies to prevent such a planned attack on a massive scale.
What should be done?
  • There should be more cooperation between the security agencies to thwart any kind of such attacks.
  • International and national cooperation is also significant to handle such attacks.
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