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Political Developments in view of upcoming General Elections 

How the elections are being held?

  • In three states, the elections will be held in 7 phases – UP, West Bengal and Bihar.
  • UP has the highest number of seats (80) to the Lok Sabha.
  • In all the three states, the Election Commission has prepared itself to be guarded for the smooth conduct of elections.
  • The Election Commission has chosen to conduct election in phases in these states anticipating the trouble that is likely to happen in these states.
  • Every phase has a gap of 5-6 days.
  • This gap is in consonance with the gap required to move election forces from one part of the state to another where elections are being held.
  • Also the elections which are being held in phases have a geographical continuity as it is easier for the EC to move its forces from one part to another given the fact that Lok Sabha constituencies are much larger in geographical area.
  • States like Andhra Pradesh, Telengana, Odisha, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim are holding simultaneous elections where elections to the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly are being held simultaneously.

What are the implications of the elections being held in phases?

  • The implications depend on the voter turn out in the constituencies.
  • If there is a higher turn out compared to the previous elections, it means voters have either gone against the ruling party or gone against both of which affects the other parties and their campaigns in the other areas.
  • If there is a lower turn out, it means the ruling establishment has held sway over the constituency.

Significance of elections in 2019

  • The electorate comprise 90 crore voters.
  • There are 1.5 crore new voters in the age group of 18.
  • Psephologists (people who study elections) suggest that the new vote bank of 1.5 crore voters could swing the election results.

Silence period

  • Election manifestos come to a standstill 48 hours before the election period.
  • But, for states in which multi-phase elections are held, the “silence period” differs. This means though one part of the state might be observing a silence period, election campaign would be going on in the other part of the state.
  • This has raised doubts on the effectiveness of the silence period which is meant to give time to the people to think and vote rationally and not be influenced by any of the party campaign

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By admin March 18, 2019 11:53