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Special Arrangements by Election Commission of India for smooth polling

  • The EC has made arrangements for all the voters to feel not only empowered but also encouraged to cast their votes. The aim of the EC is to make the maximum number of people to cast their votes.
  • Earlier, the voting percentage used to be minimal around 60% but lately, it has gone up.
  • Special campaigns run by the EC to exercise vote and strengthen democracy has encouraged voters.

Facilities for the voters

  1. Basic facilities – The EC has ensured voters have access to drinking water, toilets, sheds, ramps, special facilities for people with disabilities and weaknesses and standard voting compartments.
  2. Arrangements for visually impaired people – Braille lipi slips are being provided for the blind people. Assistance is being provided for other visually impaired people with permission from the authorities.
  3. Accessibility observers – Accessibility for voters are made easy by the help of accessibility observers.
  4. Digitisation – Earlier, there was a cut off date for voters registration before elections. Digitisation has enabled voters registration to be made possible even 15 days before elections. This has enabled more people to be enrolled as voters.
  5. Applications – Illegal activities and violations of the Model Code of Conduct are reported to the EC through apps made available by the EC.
  6. Security – Central and state police forces are made available in remote areas of the country and in states affected by extremism and maoists to make voters feel secured and to come to the booths and vote. The security forces have also helped control booth capturing to a considerable extent.
  7. Pink booths – These are booths in some areas specially set up for the elderly and the old, people who are not able to walk or suffering from physical problems where EC staff would assist them in voting
  8. Arrangements for the disabled – Ramps, wheelchairs and physical assistance is being provided to the physically disabled people to enable them to vote.
  9. Social media – There are booths which have selfie corners where people and first time voters can take a selfie and post in social media using hashtags.
  10. Staff deployment – All staff deployed by the EC have been given proper training by the EC in the usage of Electronic Voting Machines and VVPATs and in their behaviour to voters to ensure there are no glitches. In the case of glitches, backup EVM machines and training to staff to deal with such situations have also been provided to ensure a smooth voting process.
  11. Innovative ideas – When the voter presses the button for the candidate of his/her choice in the EVMs, the picture of the candidate appears on the screen of the EVMs so that the voter is doubly ensured about the person he/she is voting for.


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By admin April 11, 2019 10:47