Context: Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and Sirius, Russia, recently launched ‘AIM–Sirius Innovation Programme 3.0’– a 14-day virtual programme for Indian and Russian schoolchildren.


  • Last year, an Indian delegation of 25 students and 5 teachers visited the Sirius Centre, Russia, for a 7-day research-based programme. 
  • The teams created 8 different innovations in the areas of remote earth sensing, biological and genetic research, clean energy, data analytics and frontier technologies, and drones and robotics, which were then presented to Russian President. 

AIM–Sirius programme 

  • Objective: The first Indo-Russian bilateral youth innovation initiative, the AIM–Sirius programme seeks to develop technological solutions (both web- and mobile-based) for the two countries.
  • Details: Over a two-week programme, from 7–21 November 2020, 48 students and 16 educators and mentors will participate.
    • This year’s cohort comprises the best Russian students from the Sirius Centre and the best Indian students and ATL in-charges from the top 150 teams of the 2019 ATL Marathon.
    • AIM and Sirius’ mentors from the industry and academia will work closely with the teams.
  • Functioning: It will create 8 virtual products and mobile applications addressing global challenges in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.
    • It will involve a range of areas such as culture, distance education, applied cognitive science, health and well-being, sports, fitness, and games training, chemistry, artificial intelligence, and digital financial assets.