Yugank Goyal, an Associate Professor at OP Jindal Global University, talks about the importance of regulation of coaching centers Important analysis

  • Data from the National Sample Survey Office’s 71st round reveal that more than a quarter of Indian students (a stupendous 7.1 crore) take private coaching.
  • Around 12% of a family’s expenses go towards private coaching, across rich and poor families alike.
  • Reason for the growth of coaching institutions is the entrance exam culture of India,
Negative Impact of coaching
  • They crush creativity. They do not enhance human capital.
    • The author says it confine students in classrooms and making them study subjects they often hate destroys their natural talent. Hence, the social cost of these institutions outweighs their benefit by far.
  • In most cases, they only help a student to swiftly secure marks in some entrance exam, which is widely understood to be a sign of merit.
  • It undermines mainstream education
  • impose huge opportunity costs to students
  • It charges an exorbitant fee which is often untaxed, and yet remain unaccountable (several court cases on breach of promise of refund are underway).
Thus, there is an urgent requirement of a policy to regulate the coaching institute. However, a PIL was recently filed in the Supreme Court on regulating coaching institution Previous efforts to regulate coaching institutes
  • Some States have already passed laws to regulate the coaching industry — centers have to register with the government and meet certain basic criteria — for instance, they cannot employ teachers of government-recognized schools.
  • There is also the Private Coaching Centres Regulatory Board Bill, 2016 in the discussion.
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