5th August 2020: Daily The Hindu News & Editorial Analysis by Jatin Verma


In this session, Jatin Verma will cover the important current affairs on a daily basis by referring to all the important newspapers/journals and magazines referred for UPSC CSE 2020 preparation including The Hindu, Indian Express, Rajya Sabha TV, Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc.

"THE HINDU TOPICS for 5th August 2020":

Governance & Polity related issues
G. S. Mains Paper - 2
Page 5: Haryana to link welfare schemes through ‘Parivar Pehchan Patra’, says CM
Page 9: SC directs States to provide support to senior citizens
Page 10: SC reserves orders in lawyer case
Page 11: 24 million may drop out of school due to pandemic: UN
Page 11: Army to convene selection board for women personnel

International relations related issues
G. S. Mains Paper - 3
Page 1: Trump bars H-1B visa holders from federal jobs
Page 11: Ahead of FATF meet, India to highlight Pakistan’s inaction
Page 11: Pak. map an absurd exercise, says India
Page 14: China accuses U.S. of ‘bullying’ over TikTok

Economy & Internal security related issues
G. S. Mains Paper - 3
Page 5: Farmers demand solatium for income loss
Page 15: ‘Worst seems over, agri to blunt COVID-19 impact’
Page 15: ‘U.S. order on federal hiring based on misperceptions’
Page 15: ‘Alcohol cess hurting States’
Page 15: India looks to screen for re-routed Chinese goods
Page 15: ‘Entire B2C online sector to come within new consumer law ambit’

Page 6: Important FAQs
Page 6: More of the same
Page 6: Language of unity
Page 6: Rekindle Kashmir’s lost and real connect
Page 6: Lessons from mediating Ayodhya

Page 7: Important Editorial
Page 7: Violating human rights in the Valley