Discussion Class: Polity Test-1 | JV's PT Master Test Series for UPSC CSE 2021 | By Jatin Verma


Hi guys, This is a discussion session on Indian Polity Test-1 which was held on 10th October 2020 of JV's PT Master Prelims Test Series for UPSC 2021. In this session, Jatin sir discussing all the questions and solution in details. Watch the full session. JV PT Master Test Series: The JV's Prelims Test series consists of 17 tests(14 Sectional and 3 full-length) enabling the aspirants to evaluate themselves at periodic intervals. These tests have been planned in a manner that a student will get sufficient time to cover the relevant section of the syllabus before the date of the test. Visit the link for full details: https://www.jatinverma.org/pt_master