24th August 2020: Daily The Hindu News & Editorial Analysis by Jatin Verma

Class Notes

In this session, Jatin Verma will cover the important current affairs on a daily basis by referring to all the important newspapers/journals and magazines referred for UPSC CSE 2020 preparation including The Hindu, Indian Express, Rajya Sabha TV, Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc.

"THE HINDU TOPICS for 24th August 2020"

Governance & Polity related issues
G. S. Mains Paper - 2
Page 8: Citing SC verdict, Madras HC orders enhanced pension
Page 9: A-G declines plea against Swara
Page 9: ‘SC overreacted in Bhushan case’
Page 9: Police probe ‘links’ in Chinese hawala scam
Page 9: Centre sets up Council for transgenders

International issues related issues
G. S. Mains Paper - 2
Page 9: Pakistan denies Dawood’s presence in its territory

Economy and Internal security related issues
G. S. Mains Paper - 3
Page 10: Not possible to fully block Chinese firms: officials

Important Editorials for 24 Aug 2020
Page 6: Failing on fires
Page 6: Women, uninterrupted
Page 6: Thinking through the Nepal policy
Page 6: More evidence of India’s food insecurity
Page 7: Russia is jumping the gun with its vaccine