How to score maximum marks in PSIR optional by Prashant Nagar | Rank 267, CSE 2019


Hey Guys, 

Every aspirant seriously preparing for the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination knows how important is the role of Optional subject in securing good marks in UPSC Mains and ultimately the final selection. It’s a pity that many students miss the mark just due to the lack of a good mentor or proper guidance. 

To help students deal with their Optional woes,  Jatin Verma IAS Academy is organizing an exclusive webinar on ‘How to score maximum marks in PSIR Optional for UPSC’ with Prashant Nagar AIR Rank 267 UPSC 2019 Batch.

The webinar will guide students on how to start with the subject, sources to be followed, do's and don'ts, and the ‘tried and tested techniques’ of the topper. The webinar will be in the form of an interactive session where students will be able to freely discuss their other issues too such as note making, revision, writing practice, etc.

The webinar aims to develop best practices of learning, memory techniques, dealing with practices, and simple solutions to help them master difficult topics. 

We hope that the words of wisdom will help boost up your confidence level and unveil your true potential. Best of luck.